No rain, no sunshine (Gao Ganwen ~ childhood sweetheart ~ end of VIP + three new chapters)

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  • No rain, no sunshine (Gao Ganwen ~ childhood sweetheart ~ end of VIP + three new chapters)

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    No rain, no sunshine (Gao Ganwen ~ childhood sweetheart ~ end of VIP + three new chapters)

    The guests at the banquet were quite surprised. Those who knew each other, those who did not know each other, and those who were not familiar with each other all came. And the unwed mother who just had a baby. During the banquet, she also toasted Luo Yang with a glass of wine, saying that she thanked him for helping to introduce the work. While eating, someone intentionally or unintentionally advised Zhang Minghui, and the latter has been silent. Luo Sini appeared to speak very little and behave very cleverly. Zhang Mingwei knows that most of the people here today are lobbyists. Today, Yang Jian's eyes did not stare at the unmarried mother surnamed Song, nor did he intentionally or unintentionally glance at Fang Xiaoya. Instead, he observed Zhang Mingwei from time to time, as if he always had something to say. Zhang Mingwei's face has always been bad, Lin Qing is also quite unhappy, their own women do not go to see, the old look at other women how to return a responsibility? He looked generously at the fearless man opposite, then naturally attached Zhang Mingwei's hand, and after a moment he frowned and looked aside. She, unexpectedly so naturally avoided. What do you mean? Her. After half a round of drinking, Zhang Mingwei went outside on the pretext of going to the bathroom, but did not ask anyone to accompany him. Some are singing, some are boxing. Yang Jian bowed and went out. Hua Ying thought for a while, ready to get up, Lin Qing cleverly pulled her, said something. He doesn't know what he wants to do and what he wants to wait for? But there is no doubt that a good play has come. Behind him came the sound of footsteps, so familiar. Zhang Mingwei sometimes hates himself, obviously forgot the feeling of infatuation, how can he remember everything about him deep into the bone marrow, forming so many familiar, so many habits. Looking back, I saw Yang Jian standing under the dim corridor lamp, carrying a small mink hair collar in his hand. You brought it on purpose and threw it away. Maintain a calm tone. Is this the same one I bought last Christmas? When he saw it the next day, he remembered it and his heart trembled. They just look the same. Not wanting to be examined there, she finally reached out her hand, but unfortunately she couldn't get it smoothly. She took one side and pulled it, but Yang Jian didn't let go and looked straight at her,Thyroid Powder Factory, "Ming Wei, I'm sorry." He smiled and admitted that he was very relaxed. "I don't blame you for getting drunk. Drink less next time." "I'm sorry, a lot of things." What are you sorry for me? I'm the one who broke up. She was a little impatient and let go. She didn't want it. Step up and pass him. The beautiful shadow swept by, and Yang Jian suddenly seemed to be unable to catch anything. He could only say in a hurry: "If I had been a little more rogue at that time, maybe it would not be the result of today.". Why can't we stick to it. Zhang Mingwei suddenly stopped, fiercely walked back, one hand mercilessly grabbed the collar, one hand reached over to push Yang Jian, "how?"? Regret it? Do you know how to cherish what you lost? What did you come here for? He did not fight back, grabbed her, the tone is also excited, "can have been wrong, wrong enough for me to regret for a lifetime." "Yang Jian, what is lost is lost, and what is missed is missed!" "So you have to cherish the present, and so do I." Let go of her, bow your head, Kava Root Extract ,L Methylfolate Factory, to her and to fate. It turned out that he had come to say goodbye. Zhang Mingwei suddenly wanted to sneer. Cherish the present, right? But do you cherish her in front of you? If not, can he regret it? Nod and say, thank you. Then I turned around and felt someone walking in the wind. After a slap in the face, she saw Hua Ying close in front of her, and the pain on her face was burning. Instinctively, he wanted to raise his hand and return it, so he was pulled down by Yang Jian. Yang Jian, do you really think I'm dead? One side of Hua Ying was pulled by Fang Rong, and the other hand trembled and pointed to Zhang Mingwei behind Yang Jian. "Even if you did something before, it was all before. Now I'm his wife. If you're entangled again, it's a third party!" She raised her eyes and saw Lin Qing's expression, which was so rare and serious that she had no expression at all. There were other people behind him, there were people who went to dinner together, and there were waiters. Mostly people who know her. Well, I have to admit, it's a little embarrassing. The angry woman hit her hard, and her face became more and more painful. Lin Qing came over and pulled her out from behind Yang Jian, and she threw herself in front of Hua Ying. You were there when I was with him, weren't you? What is a third party? You know that.

    "Looking back at Yang Jian, he continued to say to Hua Ying:" Don't overestimate your other half, and don't underestimate yourself. It's more effective to control your husband than to embarrass other women. Still hold your head high, you have lost your position, and you can't lose your position again. Out of the door, Lin Qing just smiled, rubbed the red marks on her face, and laughed even more crazily. Other than that, he didn't say anything, but the next day Zhang Mingwei could no longer find the little scarf. The author has something to say: get off work, go shopping, eat and sing karaoke; go home, light the lamp and boil the oil. Weight gain, wrinkles. The days of schizophrenia, quiet as a virgin and moving as a mad rabbit, have become the mainstream of my life. So sad ~ ~.. It's not that I don't want to give it, but I don't want it (1) She can't manage other people's affairs. Elder sister or resolutely left, Hua Ying seems to be angry to go to Beijing to relax, listen to He Jiayong said, fortunately, the divorce is temporarily put aside. The breath of spring is getting heavier and heavier, and everything is recovering and multiplying. So Lin Qing is also demanding recently, Zhang Mingwei is a little too busy to take care of himself. Her relationship with Lin Qing is still so mixed, no one mentioned feelings. She naturally never said like, love and so on, this time even Lin Qing did not say, suddenly there is an illusion of mutual respect. Sometimes she went to Lin Qing by herself, and sometimes Lin Qing called her over, as if it had really become a hidden rule. The group leader was found to have pancreatic cancer. The disease is usually found late, and now people have been hospitalized. She, however, overwhelmed two older colleagues and became the acting group leader. In fact, it is simply a name, the salary has not changed, but more than 200 subsidies per month. But that's enough to talk about. Today's salary,Quillaja Saponin, Zhang Mingwei had made an appointment to have dinner with Lin Qing, but when he got off work, he said he couldn't work overtime.

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