One aspect that is part of Diablo 4 that is confirmed

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  • One aspect that is part of Diablo 4 that is confirmed

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    One aspect that is part of Diablo 4 that is confirmed

    The Diablo community is vocal about what it doesn't like and has been all through the development of Diablo 3, so we're hopeful that Blizzard is taking these concerns into consideration for those lucky enough to get to play significant portions of the game pre-release. But we'd also bet Blizzard doesn't like the tidal wave of leaked footage that has been surfacing on the heels of one of these tests.

    One aspect that is part of Diablo 3 that is confirmed to return is the limited-time Seasons. These are basically post-game items of content that change the way legendary items work as well as remixing the content of the game base which adds replayability to a game that is already ridiculously replayable. Seasons was supported for a significant amount of time in Diablo 3, so we're hoping they'll also feature heavily in Diablo 4.

    The seasonal nature of the game is also setting Diablo 4 up to be an even more irresistible Game Pass game, should the merger eventually close. A game like Diablo featuring solid gameplay is perfect for a service that's designed to allow players to pop back into online games following a couple of months. However considering that the game is due for release in June and the fight for what the future holds for Activision ongoing It's one game that's very unlikely to get it the Game Pass treatment on day one, unless something radically occurs.

    If we were to bet, we'd wager that the aim for Diablo 4 is that, when Diablo 4 is released gamers in the community that were outraged, and rightly so, about Diablo Immortal relax and be thinking "oh yeah, this is Diablo."
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