Quick-wear system: villain boss attack by Mo Ling

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  • Quick-wear system: villain boss attack by Mo Ling

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    Quick-wear system: villain boss attack by Mo Ling

    "Gentlemen, please don't go any further." The sound of Xiuhuan reached everyone's ears. Why do you want to have the treasure all to yourself? "How can there be such a good thing? Since the baby is born, everyone has a share!" "Yes." The crowd that came was angry. No matter what baby is ahead, it must be a good baby with such a big noise. As long as it is a baby, there will be people desperately moving forward. Xiu Huan leaned slightly and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, the front is private territory. You are not allowed to enter." "Private territory?" Perhaps they were shocked by these four words, and they found that there was a large temple floating in the air in front of them. All the cities in the world of mirrors are like this, nothing to be surprised about, but here. They are also from the nearby city, and they have never seen such a building here. There used to be a mountain range around here. "If you say it's private property, it's private property. Do you have any evidence?" Some people are not convinced, this may be what the secret? "Yes, show me the evidence!" "I think they just want to monopolize the baby!" "Don't talk nonsense with them and rush in together." Xiu Huan frowned and beat all the people down when the first group of people rushed forward. Gentlemen, this is private property. One last warning. Please leave as soon as possible. Xiu Huan showed his hand,heavy duty racking system, and the man opposite hesitated. Lord. Xiu Huan returned to Mingshu. She glanced at the crowd and worried: "If this goes on, there will be more and more people." "What are you afraid of? Am I still here?" Mingshu sat on a chair suspended in the air and ate the fruit with his legs crossed. The location of Wanjing Mountain is exposed, and I'm afraid there will be no peace in the future. Xiu Huan is worried about this. Is it not good to be lively? Mingshu asked in reply. ……” I'm afraid this liveliness is not ordinary. Xiuhuan felt a moment of silence for these people. As more and more people came, there was soon a crowd outside. The sky and the earth are dark and full of people. At this time, there are people who have participated in the Apocalypse Tower and have seen the sleeve Huan who followed Mingshu. I don't know how the three words "Wan Jing Shan" spread. Wan Jing Shan. The way to immortality.. This is undoubtedly a stimulant. At first, some people were afraid of the deterrence before Xiuhuan,Industrial pallet rack, but when there were more people, their confidence seemed to come back. Someone started breaking in. As long as someone takes the lead, there will naturally be people following behind, and a large number of people will flock to Wanjing Mountain. Sleeve Huan with people to intercept, Mingshu sitting in the back, her line of sight looking at the direction of the spirit pool. The beam of light is fading. The sound of fighting and screams, outside the Wanjing Mountain, interweave into one. Dan Jing arrived with people, and people kept falling from the sky, and the ground was covered with blood. Dan Jing's face was livid, his breath sank into the Dantian, Pallet rack beams ,Narrow aisle rack, and he roared. Stop it! "Stop it all!" Dan Jing these two resounded through heaven and earth, with the pressure of the strong, the people involuntarily stopped. Xiu Huan threw away the man in her hand and quickly retreated, and the rest followed her back to Mingshu. Dan Jing flew forward and stood between the two sides. "What are you doing?" Dan Jing asked with a calm face. Someone said excitedly, "Lord of Liyang, this is Wanjing Mountain." "You know it's Wanjing Mountain," said Dan Jing. "How dare you rush inside?" These idiots. If he hadn't been afraid of provoking the Lord, he wouldn't have bothered to kill them. Lord of Liyang, there is a way of longevity in Wanjing Mountain. There is a vision at this time. There must be a treasure born. Don't you want it? Dan Jing looked at the man who was speaking and said, "If anyone dares to step into Wanjing Mountain today, he will be an enemy of Liyang and Xuanzi Mainland." “……” There was a sudden silence between heaven and earth. Dare to ask the Lord of Liyang, why so protect Wanjing Mountain? But what benefits did Wan Jingshan give you? Finally, someone was not convinced and asked loudly. Why is it all the benefits of your Liyang royal family? Wan Jingjie speaks by his ability. Since Wan Jingshan has appeared, why do you stop us? "Yes!" "Everyone speaks according to his ability!" Dan Jing: ".." These idiots! Dan Jing wanted to press them into the earth one by one. If you want to step into Wanjing Mountain, pass me first! Dan Jing also does not talk nonsense, directly put cruel words.

    People: "… …" Before, Xuanzi Continent and the other two continents were still fighting, but now they are not fighting, and they come to Wanjing Mountain. Aren't you afraid that the other two continents will take the opportunity to occupy the Xuanzi continent? Just when everyone was at daggers drawn, there were birds flying in the sky, first one, then two, three. All kinds of cries are mixed together. Mingshu looked up and saw that the spirit birds of various colors were collectively flying in the direction of Wanjing Mountain. Lord. Xiu Huan was surprised: "These spirit birds..." How could there be so many birds flying suddenly, or many species that had never been seen before. The last time the Lord got married, those birds were just ordinary spirit birds. Xiu Huan. Mingshu called out faintly. Xiu Huan hung his head and said, "Lord?" Mingshu touched his chin thoughtfully. "Do you think these birds are delicious?" Xiu Huan: "… …" Lord, don't think about eating at this time! Don't you think things are not quite right now? These birds are so strange! "This.." Lord, these are all spiritual birds. They should all have spiritual wisdom. Xiu Huan answered. ……” It's not delicious. Send birds thousands of miles away.. Ming Shu sighed. Phoenix Someone shouted. The crowd looked in that direction, which shocked many people. Bai Feng! "Isn't it already extinct?" "I can still see the white phoenix." Who said anything about extinction? "The white phoenix is just not born easily. When it appears, something big is bound to happen." The white phoenix flew high in the sky, and the rest of the spirit birds made way for it. The white phoenix is in the air, the white dress is exposed, the woman falls slowly, the skin is like congealed fat, ice muscle and jade bone, what a beauty. Be polite,long span shelving, everyone. The woman's voice is light, like the wind blowing slowly between heaven and earth, stirring the heartstrings. It's so beautiful. "This is Bai Feng." You are indeed a phoenix. You are so beautiful. 。 omracking.com

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