Recommend [Tongren] [Outlaws of the Marsh] The First Yamen of the Song Dynasty

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  • Recommend [Tongren] [Outlaws of the Marsh] The First Yamen of the Song Dynasty

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    Recommend [Tongren] [Outlaws of the Marsh] The First Yamen of the Song Dynasty

    Besides, the emperor's family should not take the general moral evaluation, the prince can hold his position is the ability, be killed also do not complain. The royal family is fighting for power and profit, now the prince for the emperor does not like, ability and mediocre has not been abolished, can only say that one is the special cultural environment of the Song Dynasty, the second is that Zhao Ji and Zhao Kai are not cruel enough. Zhao Kai naturally has his own considerations, "but." "Are you afraid that your stain recorded in the history books will be reviled by later generations?" Zhao Kai is silent, ordinary people do things to take into account the reputation, let alone the royal family. Gao Ming shook his head. "Your Highness doesn't have to think so much. You know, history books are written by scholars. As long as you don't offend scholars, who cares if you seize the throne?". Qin Huang was scolded for thousands of years is not enough great talent and strategy, is not burning books and burying Confucian scholars, was the master of the pen on the hatred, the history books naturally have no good words. If your Highness can ascend Dabao in the future, just pretend to be open-minded and find a famous and elegant Confucian scholar. No matter how he scolds you, you should not get angry. Instead, you should reward him and say that he is your own Wei Zheng. But in fact, he said, you do not listen to a word, do what you should do, the historical evaluation will not be bad. Besides, your Highness will eventually make a difference, but also worry about not being able to go down in history? Even the Song Dynasty, because of its kindness to scholars, has raised a lot of points in the evaluation of later generations. The evaluation of the emperor, basically with the ministers and scholars against the work, few have praise. Many of the cowardly emperors who were manipulated by the ministers were praised, but they did something, moved the cheese of civil servants and scholars, and were discredited by all kinds of things. The common people did not care about whether the royal family seized the throne or not, and the scholars did not care about it either. Essentially, they all cared about their own interests. As long as you are a wise king, meet the survival needs of the people,juice filling machine, and then respect the scholars, listen to their voices, be open-minded, meet their psychological needs, please them, do you still worry about the emperor's career without praise? Zhao Kai was obviously touched, his eyes looked straight at Gao Ming, only one feeling, said well reasonable, unexpectedly speechless. Gao Ming's remarks, Hua Rong in the side is also extremely surprised, said that the old fox is well versed in the way of officialdom, then his family in this office, can be called a fox into the spirit. Chapter 153 Gao Ming said can no longer understand, Zhao Kai is a fool can understand, not to mention he is not only not, on the contrary, but also very smart. Zhao Kai hesitated for a moment and said with a smile, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,bottle blowing machine, "The king knows all about your good intentions.". However, you even said this kind of words to this king, really to this king. "I just don't want all my efforts to go down the drain," said Gao Ming. Gao Ming, of course, knew that there was a certain risk in saying these words, but he felt that on the way back from Liao, Zhao Kai also explained to him that he wanted to fight for the throne, and did not treat him as an outsider, so he naturally chose to believe Zhao Kai. The most important thing is that he does not want to waste his efforts now, without the full support of the superior, the results achieved now are just castles in the air. According to Prince Zhao Huan's antipathy to his father, once he succeeded to the throne, Cai Jingtong Guan or something else would be swept into the garbage heap. He Pingyan meritorious service, sealed the county king, do not have to go to the garbage dump, but by the suppression, Qingshui Yamen is into the set, as for all the policies he put forward, cool together. Zhao Kai should also be clear about this. And when the Liao collapsed, the Jin army in case of south, maybe everyone was packed away. He now wants to grab Zhao Kai's neck, you have the blade of the Imperial City Department in your hand, the officials have the heart of you, courtiers also support, their own achievements, hurriedly pull your brother down! Don't wait any longer! I'm worried about you. Of course, it would be better to drive Zhao Ji down directly in one step. Because Zhao Ji's character is not firm and capricious. For example, in history, after the Jin Dynasty destroyed the Liao Dynasty, the Jin army besieged the city for the first time and ceded three cities to the Jin army. Under the resistance of Li Gang's pro-war faction, the Jin army could not break the city, so it retreated to harvest three new cities. As a result, at this time, Zhao Ji felt that he had suffered a loss and immediately went back on his word. He sealed the letter with wax pills and handed it over to the general of Liao who had surrendered to Jin. He wanted to unite him to destroy Jin.

    The former Liao general who received the wax pills from Zhao Ji smiled and turned around and handed the wax pills to Wanyan Sheng. It is estimated that the heart will also scold, Liao most hate is the Song Dynasty, Ya did not count in the heart? Wanyan Sheng flew into a rage and once again gave the Jin army a reason to send its troops. This time, when the Jin army was at the gate, Zhao Ji and his son were superstitious and opened the gate, and the Jin army came in directly. It can only be said that the Yan family is lucky, with Yelu Yanxi in the front and Zhao Ji in the back. The two are really God's greatest gift to Jin. Now life is passable, because there is no accident, once the accident, Zhao Ji is what is not known. Zhao Kai thought about it for a long time and said, "The king knows what to do. Let's not talk about it. Let's talk about the method of training." Hua Rong took him to visit the obstacle course and the usual training equipment. In the process, even the new military discipline was made clear. In a word, there is no soil for the survival of bad habits in the army. If you make a mistake, get out or die. Choose one. Zhao Kai realized one thing, "If we improve the combat effectiveness of individual soldiers, we don't need to raise so many soldiers at all. If we disarm, we can save money." But as soon as he finished, he realized that he was naive. He shook his head and said with a smile, "That's all. Let's not mention it first." Both Hua Rong and Gao Ming knew why Zhao Kai vetoed the disarmament. The reason is very simple. There is no place to resettle the troops that have been laid off. Many people are serving as soldiers to make a living. If they are laid off today, I don't know how many mountain kings will emerge in the whole country tomorrow. In addition, the emperor and the civil officials were frightened by the vassals of the Tang Dynasty, fearing that the central imperial army was not enough to suppress local disturbances. Only when there are many forbidden soldiers can we feel at ease. Zhao Kai at this time,PET bottle Mold, also understand what is called doing more and more things, pull the trigger and move the whole body. Even he sighed, "There is a long way to go." Gao Ming and Hua Rong were silent and agreed.

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