Rong Er

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Rong Er

"Changfeng, it is impossible for you to go alone to inquire about the news comprehensively. Why don't we inquire separately? Maybe it will be faster!" Rong'er said. No way Ye Changfeng almost did not hesitate to deny, so difficult to bring Rong son back, how can he let her go to risk? "Yes, sister-in-law or peace of mind to wait here, let Changfeng to inquire about it!" Zi Xuan side advised. But besides you, who else knows more about Shanxi than I do? Besides, even if you don't let me go, I'll go with you secretly! Rong Er insisted, with a slight overbearing tone. This is reasonable, Ye Changfeng brought a few people although kung fu is very good, but Shanxi Fu is the first time to come, of course, do not know much about here, but no matter how he can not let Rong son risk! The front words will not make Ye Changfeng waver, but the back words remind Ye Changfeng, secretly follow, this he has learned, with Rong son's intelligence, want to follow is not difficult! It's better to take it with you than to let her go with you secretly! So he smiled helplessly and said, "All right!"! I can't do anything about you,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, but you have to listen to me and can't leave me! Ye Changfeng gently hooked his small nose and said gently, with a loving look in his eyes. That's no good. If the two of us are together and the others don't know the inside story, how can we get the real information? "Well, I can't help you, but you have to promise me to bring more people!" "Well, yes!" Rong no longer said anything, but looked at Ye Changfeng with a smile, so that the people on the side did not feel some envy. It was May,brushed stainless steel sheet, and it should still be cool in the north, but the climate in Shanxi was dry. Although it was cool at both ends, it was extremely hot at noon. The blue sky was scorching like fire, and the clouds seemed to have melted and disappeared without a trace. Several attendants dressed up as servants, while Ye Changfeng and Rong'er became a rich old couple. They dressed up carefully and then rode a fast horse straight to Shanxi Mansion under the scorching sun. Because only allowed in not allowed out, for the people who went in, and no one paid too much attention, so everything went smoothly, several people arrived at Shanxi House at a very fast speed, then separately began to inquire about the news. Ye Changfeng took two people, and the rest were at the disposal of Rong'er! They agreed to meet at the teahouse where Rong Er had been before. Rong son with a few people asked for half a day, it is disappointing that no one knows why this is, it can be seen that Liu Zhu is not generally cunning! Not even the slightest hint of a leak. Disappointed, Rong Er and several of his followers returned to the teahouse, 304 Stainless Steel Wire ,stainless steel welded pipe, intending to wait for the others to join them. As soon as they sat down, they heard a voice: "Objectively, your tea is coming!" Rong'er looked up, surprised and delighted. To be continued.. Chapter 158 See the Account Book Again The man was none other than the housekeeper Zhang, who had been missing for many days. It turned out that the housekeeper had made an appointment with Rong'er to meet him at the teahouse that day. On the way back from collecting the account book, he met a group of soldiers from the Governor's Office. Just as he was about to greet them, he heard one of the leaders say, "How did this ugly woman offend the Governor? It's worth it." Another person replies: "You just came back perhaps do not know, this ugly Niang is not her true name, she is the daughter of Zhang Juzheng actually, the important criminal that the court wants! She is the daughter of Zhang Juzheng." "Oh, I see!" When Zhang butler heard this, he cried out in his heart that it was not good. It was also a moment of selfishness. He was afraid that if he went to the teahouse and was caught, he would die. So he gave the child a few pennies and asked him to send the account book. He left in a hurry. But after leaving, the more I thought about it, the more I felt bad. I felt that it was unreasonable for me to leave so selfishly, so I returned to Datong Mansion a few days later.

After returning, he has been asking about the news of the governor's office, but this Liu Zhu cunning blocked the news very strictly, Zhang butler has no news of Rong son, no way in Rong son often come to the teahouse when the waiter, hope to meet her here, did not expect this is more than a year, but after all is to wait. Zhang butler was about to speak when she suddenly found the people around her, so she swallowed the words back. Looking at that hesitant expression, Rong Er immediately whispered to several people on one side: "You go there first, I want to be alone!" After hearing this, several people hesitated for a moment, knowing that they had found nothing in half a day. Rong'er was worried, afraid of disturbing her quiet, and afraid that she was too far away to protect her, so she stopped by the door a few tables apart. Qinghe, I finally waited for you! If I can't wait for you. I am so ashamed of your mother! She's gonna say I'm a coward! In his heart, Mrs. May was still the person he cared about most, and he felt ashamed to escape alone, leaving behind her favorite daughter-in-law and son. Zhang butler is serious, fortunately you did not go back, if back to the governor's office. I'm afraid I'll suffer too! Rong Er smiled and did not mean to complain. This made Zhang's housekeeper feel much better. Listen to what you say, it must be an accident, but how did you escape, Master Changfeng. Where is he now? It's a long story. Rong son paused, said his own experience simply, listen to that experience is naturally alarming. But the voice was as calm as water, not like narrating a difficult and dangerous journey, Zhang butler could not help but secretly admire Rong Er's courage and open-minded attitude. Oh. So that's it! Housekeeper Zhang paused and asked thoughtfully, "If you escaped, you shouldn't have come back. Why did you come here again?" So Rong Er said again that before Zixuan was killed and Changfeng went to Zhengfu. Zhang butler was suddenly enlightened and thought that so many things had happened in such a short time. By the way,304 Stainless Steel Bar, Zhang butler, do you know why the whole Shanxi government is strictly forbidden? Remembering the purpose of his visit, Rong asked.

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