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  • Scara Robot factory

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    Scara Robot factory

    1. Product Description

    Small selective compliance assembly robot arm is small robot. payload is 3kg and reach is 400mm. the robot weight is only 17kg. it can be used for small workpiece and its advantage is fast, compact and flexible. it is usually fixed on the table and suitable for flat positioning and vertical assembly operations.
    2. Product Application
    3. Technical Parameters

    Model FRS04-4003 FRS06-4006
    Axis 4 4
    Reach 400mm 600mm
    Payload 3kg 6kg
    Rated Capacity 0.8KVA 0.8KVA
    Repositioning Accuracy 卤0.02mm 卤0.02mm
    Weight 17kg 17kg
    4. Product Certification

    5.Product Details

    SCARA robot is widely used in electronic parts industry, such as printed circuit board manufacturing, electronic parts production, integrated circuit board manufacturing, auto industry and so on. it can be made to different size and different payload.
    6. Delivery

    Our standard product delivery time is 10 days.
    We can provide EXW, FOB and CIF delivery terms.
    We have our own carrier company can provide you very safe, fast, cheap delivery service.
    7. After-sales Service

    We have 82 professional engineers can provide 24 hours online technical support.
    After sales service is the most advantage of Fulzh company. We have the most professional team and our target is solve all the problem of customers.
    8. FAQ

    Q: Can I buy welding power source from your company?
    Answer: Yes, you can.
    Q: Which model is the smallest robot?
    Answer: FRS06-4006, our Scara robot.
    Q: Can you give me your Poland dealers鈥?information?
    Answer: Yes, please send email to us, we will share the information to you.
    Q: Do you need translators for exhibition?
    Answer: No, we needn鈥檛.
    Q: Why there are two different sales from your company contact me?
    Answer: Maybe, you can choose one to discuss business. Scara Robot factory

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