Seducing all the sick girls in the world (Xitulanya)

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  • Seducing all the sick girls in the world (Xitulanya)

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    Seducing all the sick girls in the world (Xitulanya)

    "Easy to handle." Lin Jie said coldly, "She just thinks you are a daughter, sooner or later you are someone else, and your nephew is the closest to her. In that case, let Uncle Mi take a concubine for your father and give birth to a few sons. I'll see if she still has the spirit to toss about." Ruan Ning stayed for a while, isn't this the routine in the curtilage? Sure enough is the first auxiliary adult, even this all understand! Lin Jie sees her one face is eager to try, a little accident, ask: "Are you angry?" "Not angry," Ruan Ning recalled the details of the house, instantly opened the train of thought, "or you have some medicine to help her get pregnant, let her go to give birth to a child, I think if she had a son, she would not want to empty the Ruan family to Wang Mengfu." Lin Jie couldn't help smiling. He kissed her on the cheek and said, "You." Ruan Ning tilted his head to himself and said with a smile, "Well, I'm wise and powerful." "Mmm." Lin Jie kissed again. "Here, I'll apply the medicine to you." Half an hour later, the medicine was finally finished, Ruan Ning covered the quilt and refused to show his face, while Lin Jie stiffened to take a cold shower. The secret sentry on the roof tried to block out the suspicious movement in the room and gestured to the secret sentry on the tree: "Boss, change posts with me, and I'll buy you a drink!" The man in the tree waved to him firmly: "No change!" Joking, who doesn't know that as soon as an adult enters the room with Miss Ruan in his arms, there will be all kinds of indescribable sounds. He tried his best to leave the opportunity to be on duty on the roof to others and wanted to change it? There's no way! In the Cining Palace, Empress Dowager Hu looked at Liu Xi in a low voice and said, "Didn't you do it again?"? This is the third batch of people sent, Lin Si is still alive and well, Liu Xi, should you explain why the people you are looking for are useless? Liu Xi hurriedly knelt down, and his tone was full of repentance: "Empress, there are only so many people who can be used by slaves. Lord Lin is one in a million. Besides, Lord Lin's means of slave flattery can't catch up. Empress, slaves are useless. Slaves must redouble their efforts!" This passage unexpectedly touched the queen mother Hu, she looked down, thought, like him, temperature check kiosk , how can expect a eunuch to fight him? Hateful that he was fascinated by Ruan Ning, even rushed back overnight to take her away, just one step away, she almost killed the bitch! Liu Xi pinched a sweat, he served the queen mother Hu for many years, is the most clear about her preferences, as long as desperately raise the forest steps to belittle themselves, the queen mother Hu will generally let him go. Find some useful hands, even if you spend money to hire people outside. Be sure to kill Lin Si and leave no one alive. The queen mother Hu said again. Yes Liu Xi breathed a sigh of relief when he knew that he had passed. What did Grandfather Liu do wrong? Why are you kneeling? Ming's gentle voice came from the gate of the temple. Chapter 32 The Empress Dowager Hu was startled. She subconsciously looked at the lookout outside the hall. Only then did she realize that there were no people at all. She thought that all those people had been taken away when she came. She was a little surprised. She immediately asked, "Why did the emperor come quietly?"? The unwinking minions didn't know to announce it. "I didn't tell them to inform." She said calmly and came in and sat down beside her. "Mother, do you have anything to say to your son?" "What is the emperor talking about?"? Ai Jia doesn't understand. The Empress Dowager Hu instinctively felt that something was wrong and straightened her expression. Early this morning, the minister of Dali Temple received a petition in blood from a civilian woman on his way to court, accusing Hu Jiaqiang of robbing the civilian woman and killing her to silence her. "Why didn't my mother mention this to me?" "Kill all the grass people who spit blood on people, so as not to stir up trouble everywhere." Hu queen mother recently everything is not going well, especially easy to be impetuous, "the emperor is for this to ask sorrow home?"? Does the emperor believe in the mourning family or the grass people? "I believe the truth." Ming smiled. "The news has been spread in Beijing two days ago. I sent someone to check it. What I said is true. In order to suppress this matter, my mother even took my face to ask the teacher to help deal with the aftermath. Mother, it's better to communicate with my son in the future, so that I won't be caught off guard.".

    ” Empress Dowager Hu was a little embarrassed. This kind of thing was supposed to be no big deal. The reason why she went to Lin Jie under the banner of Ming Yu was to find a chance to get close to Lin Jie. Where did something go wrong and let someone sue him? "Mother, is there anything else you want to say to your son besides this?" Ming asked again. Your son, what's wrong with you? Are you so aggressive? It's like I'm hiding something from you. Empress Dowager Hu has a hard mouth. Nothing, really nothing to say? Ming looked at her. "For example, what did the teacher's adopted daughter say to you that day?" "Nothing was said!" Hu queen mother board up face, "that day you front foot walk, back foot I let her go, how, the emperor son this is to interrogate for Niang?" Disappointed, he smiled faintly and said, "What the mother says is what she says. My son is abrupt." He chatted casually and then left. As soon as he left the palace gate, his face sank. "Did you find out what happened to that crazy woman in the cold palace?" He asked. "It was Grandfather Liu who brought her in," said the commander of the imperial guards. "I found out that she was a servant girl of the Cheng family, the Duke of Wei." Weiguo Gongcheng family? Isn't it the one where the teacher was sold into slavery? Later, he was exiled because he had committed a crime. A group of people died in prison, and another group died on the way. I heard that he had no family. What did the queen mother want to do with his servant girl? "Keep an eye on Liu Xi and be sure to find out." Ming Yu ordered. Inside the Cining Palace, Empress Dowager Hu's face was cold and hard: "Go to the cold palace!" The cold palace under the sun did not make it any less gloomy, but it was even more horrible. Not long after Empress Dowager Hu went in, there was a sound of crying and whipping inside the door. Half an hour later, Empress Dowager Hu came out and said to Liu Xi, "Kill." Her mood fluctuated, with moments of resentment, moments of regret, and moments of tenderness. I didn't know he had suffered so much humiliation! If she had known that he had fallen into such a situation, she would have found a way to beg the late emperor to pardon him! But now that she knows the truth, she must be able to prescribe the right medicine to get him back.

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