The best overall gain that Fighter can darker

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  • The best overall gain that Fighter can darker

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    The best overall gain that Fighter can darker

    Most other classes comparatively have much lower or more situational advantages, Ranger being the next closest to what I find when stacking Headshot and Ranged Weapons experts.

    The best overall gain that Fighter can make from an advantage is horrendous, Combo Attack is just so...unwieldy according to my experience, it also doesn't play well to Victory Strike, which is just a 20% boost in a single strike (though several of Fighter's weapons contribute to that percentage being smaller I will admit).

    What do you think on the numbers aspect of things? I'm speaking mostly from an angle of differences in the power of a garbage weapon for record.

    It seems like I have a lot to learn. Five years with WoW and I made it all the way to Elden Ring however for some reason I die in like 3 minutes in this game. Blocks do not seem to block, and my shots often go off.

    Buckler is difficult to block. In terms of blocking, it is concerned. Something swings at you. Don't just press the one click. You must block that direction. Things swing downward direction towards you. You move your shield upwards to absorb the impact.

    If something is swinging from the side. The type of attack that is sweeping. You have to shift your shield to the left or right to take the attack direction. We don't want to mislead you by offering advice blocking techniques , but the concepts run much deeper then that. It's just the basics.

    When it comes to swinging weapons, this is related. You keep referencing WoW. You need to get rid of that in your head. It seems like you're making comparisons to WoW and trying to integrate it into this game. WoW is just about as far removed from this game as one can get. It you're missing weapon swings. Its do to a couple reason.
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