The CEO's Princess in Distress

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  • The CEO's Princess in Distress

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    The CEO's Princess in Distress

    In the process of Charlotte's self-reflection, Nangong Rui's angry voice came from overhead, "Didn't I give you half an hour to dress up?"? Why are you still like this? I wonder if you are a woman! Don't you have a decent evening dress? Charlotte could hear such an angry voice and recover. She was also introspecting herself. He didn't tell her what she was going to do. How could she know what to do to prepare for it? Besides, she came to work with her, so it was good to bring her business clothes. What kind of evening dress should she bring? Besides, after she was alone, one of the evening dresses she wore was bought for her in the evening morning. She returned it. One is Tian Xin lent her, she also returned, she simply did not have the money to buy that tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of evening dresses, if before, Daddy bought her every year is indeed countless evening dresses. Charlotte thought of her family again, and her little face suddenly dimmed, and she had no interest in refuting Nangong Rui. Only to hear Charlotte say in a low voice, "I don't have an evening dress." Although very light, but Nangong Rui still heard, just now the anger suddenly disappeared,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, looking at Rocco just a moment of mood became low, he had an impulse, want to tightly hold this petite figure into his arms, take away all her unhappiness, Nangong Rui was startled by such an idea, how could he like this type of girl? He was surrounded by first-class beauties. Perhaps Nangong Rui does not know that love comes from the heart and is an unconscious action, just like now. Nangong Rui took Charlotte's hand and walked to the elevator. "There's still some time to go to the company. I'll let them choose an evening dress for you. What a fool." Charlotte was still dragged by him,Ceramic Band Heater, and the warmth from his big hand went straight to Rocko's heart. Why? She felt so relieved to be wrapped in his big hand, as if she could ignore anything, as long as he could hold her hand so tightly for a lifetime. A lifetime. Rocko was excited by the idea. How could she stay with him forever? Rocko shook her head vigorously. But this time is not the same, the last time, the night morning so holding her, she only felt the warmth, it is a big brother-like warmth, and holding Nangong Rui's hand is completely different, holding Nangong Rui's hand, her heart has that peace of mind, that steadfastness, that impulse to stay. What are you thinking? Get in the car. Looking at the absent-minded Charlotte, steatite c221 ,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, the flames that Nangong Rui had just stopped were lit again, and he shouted Charlotte loudly to express his dissatisfaction. Ah! Oh! Charlotte was so shouted by him, only to realize that they had arrived at the door of the hotel, a Rolls-Royce car had stopped in front of her, and Nangong Rui had taken the lead in the car, so Charlotte had got into the car as quickly as possible. In the car, two people are relatively speechless, Luo Ke did not dare to look at Nangong Rui for the idea in his heart just now, and Nangong Rui looked at Charlotte who had been lowering his head, his face was also covered with black clouds. But fortunately, the Paris branch of Nangong Group is not far from the hotel. After a while, they came to the company. Nangong Rui called the stylist and took Charlotte to look for clothes. The stylist looked at Charlotte and frowned. How could the president bring this kind of thing? Most of his face was covered by his hair and glasses. Although he could not see the specific appearance, he also knew that this woman's taste was really terrible. It was really difficult to find clothes that matched her, but it was the president's instructions, and he could not find one for her. It was really difficult. While the stylist was in a dilemma, Charlotte was attracted by a long white dress. This dress is a low-cut V-neck design, with rhinestones on the shoulders to form a dancing butterfly. The simple design on the chest side can better reflect the line of the chest. On the skirt to the ground, it is also sporadically dotted with butterflies slightly smaller than the shoulders. The whole feeling is elegant, noble and lovely. Charlotte involuntarily reached out to touch the butterfly on her shoulder, but before she could touch it, she heard a shout, "This is not what you should touch.".

    ” Rocco turned his head and saw Nangong Rui standing behind her, looking coldly at her hand that was about to reach for her clothes. Charlotte quickly took her hand back, it can be seen that this dress has some special meaning for Nangong Rui, perhaps it is made for his beloved, think of this, Luo Ke do not know why the heart slightly pain. At this time, the stylist looking for clothes came out with a powder blue knee-length evening dress, and when he saw Nangong Rui and Charlotte facing the valuable clothes designed by Nangong Rui himself, the cold sweat brush fell down, blaming himself for his carelessness and not putting the clothes away. President, this is a dress for Miss Xia. Do you think it is OK? If not, I'll find another one. The stylist trembled and showed Nangong Rui the clothes on his hands. They were all with him when Nangong Rui was developing his career in Paris. They had experienced the way he lost his temper. No need. Nangong Rui took the clothes and threw them to Charlotte. "Hurry to change the clothes. I don't want to waste time. Besides, you can't move that clothes." Nangong Rui's expressionless eyes made Charlotte's heart ache inexplicably. Charlotte took the clothes from Nangong Rui and walked to the dressing room beside her. Looking at Charlotte's angry figure, Nangong Rui did not know what mood he was in now. He designed this dress for Yuxin himself. He had planned to let her wear this dress at the fashion show of the domestic company and show her beauty to her heart's content. Then, he would propose to her after the show, and then they would not be separated. But now, maybe Yuxin can still be seen at the press conference, but she can't wear it. When I saw Rocco reach out to touch this dress just now, there was still a sense of anger in my heart,Alumina Ceramic C795, not knowing whether it was hatred for Yuxin or whether it was just a natural reaction. When Charlotte walked out of the dressing room, she saw Nangong Rui in a daze. "President?" Charlotte called softly, but Nangong Rui did not respond.

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