The day is divided between meetings

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  • The day is divided between meetings

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    The day is divided between meetings

    The day is divided between meetings, lifting and practicing. We're getting close to being a training session. Helmets are in place, drills are run, 7-on-7 as well as 11-on-11 can be used, but there's not supposed to be live contact.

    This is a joke. The contact is plentiful between the trenches but the more experienced you become in the league the better you understand how to safeguard yourself and get your work in without getting into contact. For the younger guys there's a risk of an absolute bloodbath.

    During this time, both the defense and the offense are reinstated from the start. It's the very first time that players get a chance to get back on the field under conditions which is similar to football. The rookies can experience the pace of play up close however it's never even close to the speed of football games.

    But, guys can start to feel their sea legs under them. It's starting to feel like football again.

    These first nine weeks, before the three-day veteran minicamp, are four days a week. It's either Monday-Thursday or Monday-Friday with Wednesday off. Even though there's a limit on what the coaches can do with their and the strength team, players get their time in the facility.

    It is common for them to eat two meals, plus any rehab or prehab. The players will focus on their mobility , or do extra workouts in the weight room. The day becomes a full-time job with the possibility of getting home well before dinner time.

    The offseason programme allows for transportation on weekends, if so needed. Many players don't make permanent homes in the playing city, so they head home every weekend during the offseason to visit relatives before the season begins.
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