The first stage of this year's Madden NFL 23

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  • The first stage of this year's Madden NFL 23

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    The first stage of this year's Madden NFL 23

    The first stage of this year's Madden NFL 23 Playoffs is set to come to an end with what may be, on paper, the most exciting game of the season. This weekend, the Seattle Seahawks, playing perhaps the most exciting soccer in league take on the nation to take on opponents like the Washington Redskins, winners of the last seven games. The focus going to the game will be on the head-to-head contest between the two rookie quarterbacks, Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson. Both have made their argument for Madden NFL 23's rookie of The Year award, but victory on Sunday afternoon in Maryland is certainly the greater prize.

    With Seattle's final-month dominance, the Seahawks begin the game as road favorites against the NFC East champs. However, all five of their losses this season were in road games, and RGIII could have had an additional week of rest to get his knee back. A 2011 Heisman winner was clearly limited during the Redskins' final two games of the season. He was wearing a large knee braces that hindered his speed when running out of the backfield. Wilson did not suffer any major injuries in his first season, and has gained strength each week, bringing the Seahawks running in the postseason.

    Meet the Redskins

    The Redskins have entered the postseason on a seven-game win streak, recovering from a 3-6 mark at their bye to climb into the upper echelons of the NFC East. Griffin turned around on the fortunes of an team which had not had any postseason appearance since the year 2006 The team was one of the most boring teams in Madden NFL 23. In the first week, RGIII became a sensation by bringing the Saints in the first game and later leading as a newly named captain throughout the season.

    Mike as well as Kyle Shanahan dramatically altered their offenses to be more adapted to the skill of RGIII. They utilized the pistol and zone-read option. Chris Brown highlighted the offensive adjustments in Washington and the Redskins did it with perfection against Dallas to secure this division in Sunday's game. Griffin is averaging nearly seven yards per carry when using the zone-read, and even with the knee brace, the RB was able to run around the edge against the Cowboys. Even though he's not 100% hundred percent yet, Shanahan and RG3 have found the right spots that force the defense to make a choice as well as being athletic enough to be able to accumulate yards even when he's not running at full speed.
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