The Madden NFL 23PA and Madden NFL 23

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  • The Madden NFL 23PA and Madden NFL 23

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    The Madden NFL 23PA and Madden NFL 23

    Conducting a population study is the first step toward reaching an agreement for testing. The objective of testing can be determined by determining what constitutes normal levels of hormones that can be found in the specific group of players. After that, the two sides can identify a threshold that is needed to pass the positive test.

    The Madden NFL 23PA and Madden NFL 23 have a deal to conduct a population study of Madden NFL 23 players for human growth hormone (hGH) to determine the right decision-making threshold for a positive test under the Madden NFL 23/Madden NFL 23PA Performance Enhancing Substances drug policy. Dr. Alan Rogol, M.D., Ph.D has been jointly employed by the Madden NFL 23PA and Madden NFL 23 to oversee the study and supervise two biostatisticians retained jointly. One statistician, Donald Berry, Ph.D. who will devise the study's study protocol and perform the analysis. A second biostatistician is responsible for independently reviewing both the protocol and the analysis. This is the analysis performed by a scientist to determine the appropriate decisions for our Members which we have demanded since the date of signing the CBA.

    Each player must provide a blood sample for the population study during the pre-season physicals at the training camp. The blood sample of each participant will be sent to the laboratory to be analysed only to aid in the study on the human growth hormone population; no other use will be done with any blood sample. After the laboratory has processed all players' blood samples, the scientists will complete the calculations as well as analysis necessary to determine the appropriate amount of decision-making for Madden NFL 23 players.

    There are, however, many other issues to be collectively negotiated to reach an agreement before the official implementation of the hGH and Performance Enhancing Substances drug policy. One of those is the problem of discipline. The parties continue to discuss the issue and , when a final proposal is reached the proposal will be presented before you for review and vote.
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