The main character has something to say.

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  • The main character has something to say.

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    The main character has something to say.

    He is going to be with his family, Ah Xin, in this life. If because they are together, those netizens who have holes in their skulls mistakenly think that the original owner cheated marriage before, and Jiang Yueyue was a tongqi or something, then the original owner really died unjustly. The original owner is already miserable enough. Don't add insult to injury. Netizens were shocked when the contract, which detailed that the marriage was a purely cooperative relationship between the two parties, was presented to the public in order to allow Mr. Lin to close his eyes safely. And this operation? However, some netizens tried to argue about the authenticity of the contract, but few people agreed. Time is more than three years ago, but also after the lawyer's justice, this is a complete procedure of the fake marriage agreement, where can the bar? Maybe Jiang Yueyue took a fancy to Lin Quan, so they happily dissolved the marriage relationship. Jiang Yueyue went to the entertainment circle and fell in love boldly. Although she didn't meet a good man, she ran away with a real rich husband, Yi An. Jiang Yueyue's condition was eventually defined as self-defense, but by the way, the hospital gave Jiang Yueyue a mental test and found that she had paranoia,ceramic bobbin element, believing that she was the daughter of destiny bound by the system and a woman destined to be the real protagonist. As a result, although Jiang Yueyue was acquitted, she was sent to a mental sanatorium. When she realizes that her so-called system will not exist in the real world, she will be able to leave the nursing home. The men who had been completely attacked by Jiang Yueyue and would forgive her no matter what she did gradually woke up from the love dream woven by Jiang Yueyue after the disappearance of the system 666. They couldn't figure out how they could be so crazy about that woman in the first place, but considering that love is irrational, they stopped thinking about it and just let it go naturally. However, although the feelings put down,Ozone generator ceramic plate, the loss of luck will not return. The person who had not tampered with Lin Yian at the beginning was lucky, but he had money on hand. But to Lin Yian under the black hand, Lin Hui at the end of the slap has not been fanned back, the other side of the family will be abandoned to make amends. Before Lin Quan also wanted to find someone to do Lin Hui at the end, but he died a little early, did not see the forces were reported by the honest system 369411, because it wants to start with Lin Hui at the end of the signs, recently is talking about cooperation with the government departments of Dingsheng Science and Technology full of firepower, will they end in one pot. Lin's group because of the forest rights scandal and death had a big turbulence, the board of directors panic, directly to the end of Lin Hui there, want to ask him to come forward to the overall situation. Lin Hui-mo is now a technology upstart and a big man in the business circle. As long as he can reach a small cooperation with Lin Hui-mo, he will make a lot of money. The directors of Lin's Group wanted to get on the line with Lin Huimo's Dingsheng Technology. Now that Lin Quan is dead, 10g Ozone Generator ,ceramic welding tape, Lin Huimo, as the nephew of Lin Quan, is close and distant, and should inherit his shares and Lin's Group. Lin Huimo Oh, this is really not. Lin Quan has already left a secret will, and his property will be donated. This is not because of the high ideological awareness of the forest right, but because the forest right does not want to give his nephew a little benefit. Anyway, the will is not written and nailed down. When he gets married and has his own children, it's not too late to change the will. Now that Lin Quan Ga is dead, his inheritance can only be donated to charity according to his previous will. The directors thought that after the death of Lin Quan, his nephew inherited the shares, which did not happen. Lin Huimo had only 5% of the shares and could not be the home of Lin's group. The directors were so mad that they cursed the dead forest right crazily, but there was nothing they could do. Those shares of forest ownership will be auctioned in the estate. Although Lin's group is in turmoil, it is also a big group. With so many shares in the auction, there are always companies interested in these shares. Lin Huimo is not short of money, nor is he short of people to please him. If he says he wants those shares, many people will come to Lin Huimo with those shares and send him to the position of president of Lin's Group every minute. The death of Lin Quan directly disrupted my plan. Lin Huimo couldn't help sighing and said to Yang Yuxin, "I originally wanted to bring down the Lin Group, and then rebuild a Lin Group based on Dingsheng Technology.".

    ” But as soon as Lin Quan died, Lin's group was leaderless and chaotic, and was not eaten by other forces, but because Lin Huimo was a member of the Lin family, no one wanted to offend the God of Wealth before he showed his attitude towards Lin. There is no point in tidying up the Lin family without forest rights. Lin's group can ask someone to take care of it, and you can get a dividend every year as a director. Yang Yuxin pointed out a way. …… It's okay. Lin Hui hesitated for a moment and said, "At least it's the family property of the original owner." At the end of the day, Lin Hui's power of action was amazing, and he directly took the shares of Lin's group. Seeing that Lin Hui bought the shares of Lin's Group at the end of the month, people who had been watching immediately felt that they had received a signal and began to buy the shares of Lin's Group. It's not that they want to rob Lin Huimo, but that Lin Huimo has come forward. Lin's Group can't fall down. It may be able to take advantage of the rapid development of Dingsheng Science and Technology. The shares of Lin's Group are a lot of money, which has unlimited appreciation space. On January 15, the box office of the movie "My Lord the World" broke 10 billion yuan, and the holographic online game "The World Online" was tested. This is the beginning of a new era. Extra chapter No matter which life, Yang Xin is a winner in life. He has a good family background and relatives who are willing to shelter him from the wind and rain. Whether he wants to make his own way or hide in the shelter for a lifetime, he has enough confidence. Yang Xin knew that he was sick, he had no interest and love in the world, and sometimes even had the idea of destruction. He was smart enough to know that such an idea could not be accepted by the world, so he was careful to hide it. His tendency towards depression and autism was deliberately revealed to others, and he easily fooled the psychologist. If you want to give him a position, it should be a high-functioning anti-social. However, no matter how anti-social he is, after discovering that nothing can arouse his desire to challenge,7g Ozone Generator, his psychological symptoms are more and more suitable for depression, and his desire to commit suicide is increasing year by year. This is the reason why he showed the genius side of super high IQ in those years, and soon became quiet and depressed.

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