The naked and the dead

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  • The naked and the dead

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    The naked and the dead

    Wilson called for a pound, Gallacher added a pound, and muttered angrily, "Well, let's bet a little more and have a lively game." Croft and Levy followed, but the other orderly did not, and Gallagher, feeling as if he had suffered a loss, said, What's the matter? A pustule? Carefully, the cannon will blow your monkey's head off tomorrow. Fortunately, everyone was throwing money on the blanket (which was folded several times in the middle as a table), so they didn't listen to his words, but as soon as he said it, he shivered and felt uneasy, feeling that it was a sin to say it. He hastily repeated "the Virgin Mary" several times in silence. In front of his eyes, he seemed to see his body lying on the beach, with no head at the root of his bloody neck. Next came a spade. He was still thinking that if he died, the army would not take his bones back to the country? Will Mary come to his funeral? He felt sorry for himself and thought so hard that for a moment he was eager to see his wife's sad eyes for him. The wife is intimate after all. But what he wanted in his heart was his wife,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, and what appeared in front of him was the holy face of the "Virgin Mary"-he had bought some postcards in the parochial school and seen the religious paintings printed on them, leaving an impression of the Virgin Mary that he still remembers today. But what about Mary? What does his Mary look like? He tried hard to reflect on her features and expressions, but at this moment he could not recall them, and the elusive impression was like a forgotten song, which was about to touch a tune, and then it was strung on to other familiar songs. He got another heart in the next round. There are four hearts, and in the next two rounds, you only need one more heart and a flush. The uneasy mood dissipated a little,Heme Iron Polypeptide, so a set of thoughts moved to the cards: success or failure depends on this. He looked at the other house. The cards had been dealt and Levy had automatically "closed the stall" before betting. Croft's face is a pair of "ten points". Croft called for two pounds, and Gallagher concluded that he had a ten in his hand. If Croft is still weak in the last two rounds (Gallagher estimates that his strength is unlikely to increase), then his "flush" will just eat Croft's "three heads". Wilson giggled, took the ticket out of the crook of his leg, threw it on the blanket, and said, "This is a big win or loss." Gallagher touched the few bills he had left, wondering if he could turn them over. "Two pounds more for you," he muttered. After a careful look, I felt a little nervous. Wilson had three spades on his face. Why didn't he see it earlier? Look at this bad luck! But Wilson did not take the initiative to increase the price, and Gallagher was relieved. It can be seen that Wilson's "flush" has not yet been completed. The strength of the two sides is at least an equal situation, not to mention that Wilson's cards are probably not spades, he may not even be doing "flush" at all. Gallagher hopes that both opponents will not just "follow" until the next round, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, but bet more aggressively. He took advantage of the opportunity to increase the price layer by layer, and he would not stop until all the capital was served. As soon as the next round of cards was dealt, Croft, who, with his title, should be called Croft Second Sergeant, was also secretly excited, but his situation was different. He was just playing the stuffy card with a wait-and-see policy, but this round came with a "seven" and he had two "pairs" in his hand. He felt a sudden light in his heart; he was going to win the set, he was going to win! I don't know where his inspiration came from, but he decided that his next card was either "seven points" or "ten points", just in time to make a "full hand". Croft felt sure of it. Feel so secure in the heart, the luck can not be wrong. He usually played poker shrewdly and calmly, knowing that the chances of waiting for a card were slim, and that he always had a number in mind about his opponent's actual situation. But he felt that there was plenty of room for luck in poker, and that was why it was fascinating.

    No matter what he does, he always tries to be as skilled and well-prepared as possible, but he also knows that the final success or failure of things depends on luck. Looking at the luck, he thought it was not bad. In any case, no matter what the key to success or failure is, he can not suffer losses, which he is secretly convinced. He had been playing cards all night, and his luck had been mediocre, and now a good hand had finally emerged. Gallagher got another heart this time, and Croft reckoned he had a flush. Wilson had three spades on his face, but in this round he had a diamond that was useless, but Croft guessed that he had a flush in his hand, just quietly. Croft always felt that Wilson, despite his easy-going appearance, looked like a good man, and that he was the devil when he played cards. "Give me two pounds," Croft called. Wilson grabbed two pounds and threw it on the table, but Gallagher came out and added: "Two pounds more for you." It is certain, thought Croft, that Gallagher has a flush in his hand. Croft put the four-pound note neatly on the blanket and said, "I'll give you two more." When the words came out of his mouth, he felt nervous for a while, but he felt that he was happy. Wilson grinned with self-possession. Darling, it's a big win or loss in this set, "he said, looking at everyone." I'm not supposed to follow, but I can't change my old temper. I can't give up until I see the last one. " When Croft heard this, he knew that Wilson must have had a flush in his hand. He could see that Gallagher was hesitating — one of Wilson's spades was an ace. Two pounds more! There was a touch of recklessness in Gallagher's voice. Croft secretly concluded that if he had already got a "full hand", he would not be polite,Theobromine Powder, and he would make it clear to Gallagher, but at the moment his strength was limited, so he should leave some capital and fight for the next round.

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