The Story of the Daughter of the Quick Wear Strategy (Serialized)

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  • The Story of the Daughter of the Quick Wear Strategy (Serialized)

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    The Story of the Daughter of the Quick Wear Strategy (Serialized)

    However, when the food was just put into his mouth, the taste almost did not choke Lizun silly. For the first time, Li Zun spit out the food in his mouth and rinsed his mouth with tea several times. This move, will those who have not yet taken back their footsteps of the cook, a cold face, staring at the appearance of the glass, is not good. His action, though not very big, could be seen by all the people on the table next to him. Seeing this scene, the men all looked at their table with the eyes of a good show. This man, from the moment he appeared, his female companion surrounded him with his eyes. For those boys with high self-esteem, how can they accept this? So, when Li Zun was so "self-destructive", he looked at the man sarcastically, how to die. Excuse me, is there anything wrong with our food? First of all, although the chefs are very bad, but in terms of politeness, we should first ask if it is our own problem. Well, looking at these chefs is very polite, but from their eyes, Yunyi can see it. The meaning in the eyes of those people is: Boy, how dare you make trouble here? If you don't give me a reason today, I will destroy you! Li Zun looked up slightly as the man spoke, and then withdrew his line of sight, in that way, very disdainful. Yun Yi also put down his bowls and chopsticks at this time because of Li Zun's action, because he needed to deal with this matter by himself. If I had known earlier, I would not have come here with Lizun. Who knew that so much trouble would have happened? "Sorry, my friend is not feeling well." Yun Yi knew that the reason he said was somewhat reluctant. However,Horse weight lbs, Yunyi knows that for those chefs, or so wayward chefs, these people want, not money, but the affirmation of others. Therefore, when Li Zun's action spit out the food that others had worked so hard to cook, the faces of those people would be so bad. After all, no one wants the fruits of their hard work to become the object of rejection by others. Originally, because of Yunyi's words, the cooks'faces improved a little, but the next words of Lizun made their faces black again. It tastes so bad. Are these things for people to eat? This remark not only offends the cook, but also offends all the people on this floor. Chapter 627 The Evil Emperor Chases His Wife: BOSS, Be Good! (26)( Li Zun said, "Are these things for people to eat?" Directly scolded the whole floor of the people, they are not people. How does that make them happy? Yunyi looked at Lizun like this, saying innocent words, but it made things more and more complicated. Some blush, Fiberglass tape measure ,Walking tape measure, can not help but hold the forehead, this matter, or handed over to the glass to deal with it, he is unable to handle. So, now Yunyi is planning to watch the fire from the other side of the river, that is, to ignore everything, just to see how Lizun does it. Li Zun's words made the chef and the students all unhappy, looking at Li Zun's eyes, as if they wanted to beat Li Zun up. Yunyi looked at the meaning in the eyes of those people, how could he ignore it? It's just. Let's talk about it when these people really beat Lizun. Yun Yi, who was very unkind, naturally had no intention of helping and continued to sit there. At this time, she was trying to eat. If there is a real fight after a while, there must be nothing to eat. She doesn't want to go hungry. It doesn't matter if Lizun has already opened the valley, but she hasn't reached this level. What are you.. Are you provoking us? The cook looked at Lizun with a faint threat in his eyes. Li Zun for others that kind of good or malicious eyes, of course, is clear. Faced with the man who dared to threaten himself, Lizun's eyes narrowed slightly, then stretched out his hand and grabbed the chef's collar.

    Then he pulled over and looked at the cook. "You mean I can't judge your food for not being delicious?" Li Zun is not an easy person to get along with, Yunyi knows, but those people do not know. You, you, you dare to put your hands on me? Aren't you afraid of us? The cook was just a small helper, like a bartender in the inn, a modern waiter. In the past, because of a sensational event, the student made trouble in the canteen. As a result, the man was expelled from the college, and every student thought it was because the people in the canteen were too powerful. However, no one knows, in fact, because of the student's bad moral character, he was expelled after the college found out. But after that, the students of the Academy of Magic were polite when they ate in the canteen. It also encourages the pride of some chefs, as if these students are afraid of them. When the cook said this, all the onlookers thought, "Oh, that gigolo is going to be terrible.". One after another in there watching the excitement, but no one has that mind to eat, watching how that person was rubbed by the people in the canteen. Abuse. Unfortunately, in Lizun's dictionary, no, in Lizun's life, he has always abused others, how can someone abuse him? Looked coldly at that person, the movement in the hand, threw that person to the side pillar mercilessly, that person immediately flew out, hit on the pillar. "Bang!" After the collision between the pillar and the body, there was a loud noise. When the sound sounded, the people who were working in the dining room slowly felt something was wrong and ran out to have a look. He found that his own person had been beaten like this by others,fish measuring tape, and that he was a student, which made him very angry. Chapter 628 The Evil Emperor Chases His Wife: BOSS, Be Good! (27)(。

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