There's a process of learning for sure darker

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  • There's a process of learning for sure darker

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    There's a process of learning for sure darker

    I think you're looking at the game in the wrong way, possibly.

    I'm having fun. I don't want to die, but I mostly expect it . What happens if it doesn't or I don't, how do I feel? Overwhelming satisfaction. But I'm usually laughing when I'm dead due to my situation. The only moment I'm mad if I get stuck, however that's usually my responsibility.

    There's a process of learning for sure.

    As a player who's brand new to the game but isn't aware of it is likely to be or stomped by a goblin beetle or skelly right off the first game. However good players are in general, it's guaranteed to happen at some point in your career in the game. After playing the game for a couple of rounds, you begin to learn about aspects - aside from the fact that there aren't any advantages when you first start out. I'm convinced that the majority of people complaining about this game don't play Skyrim (which does not have anything to do with this, I'm comparing it because:) you are pretty inadequate at the start at the start. After you've thrown some time in to it, you'll begin to get better , and you're able to move higher, taking advantage of rewards. It's exactly the same as in the other game, although the leveling slows. In my opinion, the mobs of both games use a the same attack patterns, and once you've got it down that you are able to dodge the incoming, hit some attacks, then avoid the attack.

    Practice makes perfect? I dunno, my 8-year old daughter was hopping around on an Barbarian enjoying the party of her lifetime, lol. It all depends on the way you approach the game. If you're always trying to win, then it may not be the right choice for you, I mean If you're actually doing it, congratulations, but mostly, I've seen players in full black gear ???? take a step and fall down, loosing all their gear, unless a friend takes it away from their team. In the midst of their anger at themselves, they can just smile and begin playing again.
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