This is only a matter of because Dark and Darker

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  • This is only a matter of because Dark and Darker

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    This is only a matter of because Dark and Darker

    Combat , in the current state specifically melee but broadly across all kinds of things, is like a foundation that desperately needs to be expanded on for better game play and retention as well as close the gap between gears.

    Current issues: Combat is all about moving and is it about positioning as well as the type of gear you're wearing and what your health bar is. Your other equipment could assist until you enter melee.

    This is only a matter of because Dark and Darker combat in this state is similar to minecraft, and is perhaps less complicated because minecraft accelerates faster, forcing gamers to be more creative and you're able to use less items in combat to gain the upper hand.

    This is going to cause a lot of upset for allot of people, and that's not a good thing. It's essential to put the information out there, as minecraft has also development, environmental manipulation and massive gathering to deal with. with dark and darker more intense gameplay, the primary focus is fighting, everything else is in service to the battle, and you'll find nothing that can distract you from the battle.

    Here are the changes I have proposed:

    Blocking: Take directional out of it. if you initiate the block when an enemy is standing in front of you the character blocks automatically so as to block the attack. This might seem as if you're trying to dumb down initially however, it will later be of aid to the mechanics in the future to make it easier.

    Right-clicking using a melee weapon or staff with the hand performs a short duration called a parry, The duration of the block would be modified based on how simple it might theoretically be to block using that weapon, for example, a dagger probably would have a very short window , while a spear or staff will have a wider window.
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