Ti6Al4V Ti6Al4V 64 Ti

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  • Ti6Al4V Ti6Al4V 64 Ti

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    Ti6Al4V Ti6Al4V 64 Ti

    Original title: Ti6Al4V 64 Ti, Gr5 (Grade 5) titanium alloy Titanium 6 aluminium-4 vanadium is generally considered the "Titanium and titanium alloys including titanium 6 aluminum-4 vanadium are susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement. Gaseous or negative hydrogen can diffuse into metals to form brittle hydrogen. Therefore, in the process of processing,3d titanium wire, especially in the heat treatment and pickling process, the content of hydrogen must be reduced to a minimum. Product specifications for titanium 6 aluminium-4 vanadium generally specify a hydrogen content of no more than 150 ppm. General Corrosion Rate of Titanium 6 Aluminum 4 Vanadium in Different Media Heat treatment Fabricated products of titanium 6 aluminium-4 vanadium are generally used in the factory annealed or solution treated and fired condition.
    Quenching (water quenching or equivalent) must be carried out as soon as possible after solution treatment in order to maximize the alpha martensite phase,  Cleaning of vacuum heat treated materials is of primary importance. Oil, ti6al4v eli ,Titanium welding pipe, fingerprints, or smudges can cause the formation of alpha shells even under vacuum, and chlorine in some detergents can cause SCC of titanium. Therefore, the processing of vacuum heat treatment must conform to the following procedures: first clean thoroughly with a chlorine-free solvent or aqueous solution, then wash away the residual detergent with a large amount of deionized or distilled water (not tap water), and finally dry. After cleaning, gloves must be worn to prevent re-contamination. Select the processing performance Strength of annealed titanium 6 aluminium-4 vanadium at typical room temperature: Maximum tensile strength: 1380-2070Mpa (200-300ksi) Compressive yield strength: 825-895Mpa (120-130ksi) Maximum shear strength: 480-690 Mpa (70-100ksi) Processability at elevated temperatures: The higher the temperature, the lower the strength. Standard of Testing Materials)B348…………… Rod, blank ASTM(American Standard of Testing Materials)F1472 ………… All shapes, annealed A5.16(ERTI-5)……………………………………………………… Bonded wire Shapes produced by Dynamet Stock Bar Fine Ground Bar Wire Dynalube Rolls SMART Coil Titanium Rolls Seamless coiled thin type bar profile Production shapes of other factories Ingot, sheet, plate,titanium filler rod, pipe, casting, powder Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. yunchtitanium.com

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