Turn around, there is my love

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  • Turn around, there is my love

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    Turn around, there is my love

    He sent an IBM notebook to Yilin, saying that after his last visit, he found that it was a must for Yilin's family. He sent a Longines watch to Yingqiu on the grounds that he had to change his equipment for promotion. Neither of them answered because they thought it was too expensive. I think after they knew about me and Yanyu, I don't know if I really accepted Han Niansheng. The three of us have always been more emotional than financial. Han Niansheng leaned close to my ear and said, "You should let them accept it quickly. I just expressed a little bit of my heart." I gave the notebook to Yilin and the watch to Yingqiu and said, "Take it first. When you have a boyfriend, you will buy me a gift. If you don't, I will ask for it myself.". I decided to take him two days ago. They looked at me, and the three of us made eye contact, and when they were sure, they smiled. I know that little thing can not buy my friend, is for me to confirm the acceptance of Han Niansheng's feelings. I saw the new VP on Monday, of course, when she went to the office and passed the financial office. Judy let me see it. She is a woman who is very good at dressing up. Of course, she can be a vice president. I think she is also a very capable woman. I don't have much interest, thinking that she is a good friend of Nian Sheng, and maybe I will meet her often after work. Linda has always regarded me as a good friend of Mo Bei's wife, so she takes more care of me in her work. I think that's for Mo Bei's sake. Of course, she told me that she was Mo Bei's girlfriend a few years ago, and now she is a friend who occasionally greets her. After a few months,cattle weight tape, I was familiar with my job. After the expiration of the probation period, I got a raise again, and I'm going to enjoy the cool under this big tree for a while. On Tuesday, Nian Sheng went on a business trip, this time to Shanghai, and said he would come back on Friday afternoon. He asked me if I wanted to go to Shanghai to see Youchen on the weekend, and he could wait for me there. I said that unfortunately, Yilin would move on Saturday,horse weight tape, and I would look for another chance next time. From the beginning of my affair with Nian Sheng, I told Youchen. Chen said that he is a very good man, Mo Bei often praised him, let me give each other a chance. I was too lazy to tell her what had happened to me in Sydney because I was pregnant, but I often picked out some fragments of Nian Sheng to tell her. Every time she said, "Xiao Ke, I'm beginning to feel your happiness again." On Thursday, after work, I met Jin Ya in the elevator. I said hello to her, and she smiled politely. Which department are you from and what's your name? Jin Ya's tone is a little more friendly. My name is Nina, and I belong to the financial department. "Your anklet is very unique. I like it very much. I don't know where I bought it." She asked me with a smile and a little expectation of my answer. Oh, it's my birthday present. I didn't ask my friend where I bought it. I just think I like it and wear it. I don't know if she is satisfied with my answer. If she is really interested, she will ask Nian Sheng. When we got out of the elevator, we went to get our cars. I'm going to the Asian Optical Shop in Nanshan to pick up the framed glasses I ordered last week. I see she drives a Jaguar, tape measure clip ,Adhesive fish ruler, which matches her temperament. On Friday night, Yilin invited my family of five, as well as Ying Qiu, but this time she brought her boyfriend Yu Shaojie. It is said that he first passed my mother's acceptance, Ying Qiu nodded and accepted his pursuit. Before, Yilin asked me for advice on whether to inform Nian Sheng. The reason was that he had sent a housewarming gift. I said I didn't need to tell him because he had a dinner party in the evening. That meal, my grandmother has been very enthusiastic to express her views. Yilin is beautiful and smart, Yingqiu is beautiful, and Shaojie is handsome. She is very funny talent, the gift to the art forest, unexpectedly is her own completion of a Su embroidery, a very beautiful one, rose. When it unfolded, it really surprised us. It seemed that my grandmother was still young. At the dinner table, my grandmother was the only one who didn't like me, saying that I thought she was old and didn't listen to her. We all know that she did it on purpose, because she has never been satisfied with me living outside alone. At 8 o'clock, the old lady said that she was late, a little dizzy after drinking a little wine, and wanted to go home and rest. Disband on the spot and go home, because Yilin picked a new house at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning, saying that it was an auspicious time, and insisted that Ying Qiu and I send her there early in the morning. Natural Ying Qiu went back to the Science Park with us. After we packed up Yilin's things together, we moved freely at home.

    After a while, we continued the tradition of drinking a little wine and sleeping when we were slightly drunk. I dreamed of Yanyu that night, and he told me to forget him. Mind Han Niansheng returned to his residence at three o'clock in the morning and just sent the drunken Yanyu home. Looking at the picture in his hand, there seemed to be a black hole in his heart, constantly expanding, as if he had fallen into the most vulnerable place in his heart. Yanyu returned to Shenzhen in the middle of July. For more than a month, he accompanied him several times. Every time, he talked very little and kept drinking until he was unconscious. In her phone call to Jin Ya, she asked her to pay more attention to Yanyu and let her take her children back to Shenzhen as soon as possible. The family should live happily together. Jin Ya came to the company as vice president this time, and she had a lot of selfishness. Grandpa is old and has been letting himself finish his work here and go back to take care of the family business. But after all, they pay a lot, for a time to unrelated people, the heart is very reluctant. More than once, Mo Bei considered returning to Shenzhen, but he said that he was used to life in Shanghai and did not want to make too many sacrifices for his job change. I can understand him, Mo Bei has not been very keen on fame and wealth, more often, he likes to live a relatively free life with his beloved. Jin Ya is a very capable and independent woman. When she told her the idea, she readily agreed and applied to work in Shenzhen. In fact, I know that it is mostly due to Yanyu. When she attended her wedding, she said that Yanyu would return home soon because his father was seriously ill. Only then did I know that Yanyu, who had always kept a low profile,Fish measuring board, grew up in a family engaged in jewelry business. Han Niansheng plans to submit his resignation report after Christmas, mainly to give Jin Ya a few months to familiarize herself with the business of Shenzhen Company and take her to familiarize herself with the important relationships in her hands. I don't know what Yanyu thought in his heart. He always felt that he was a very good father for more than a year, but he cared little about Jin Ya. tapemeasure.net

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