Who do you want to follow on Wild Card Weekend

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  • Who do you want to follow on Wild Card Weekend

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    Who do you want to follow on Wild Card Weekend

    Who do you want to follow on Wild Card Weekend

    The Eagles ... watch out. I can't explain Nick Foles. I don't know what's going on. I've heardabout it, so I'm not claiming credit for this but it shows on video that Nick Foles does exactly what the play director asks for. Once the play was allowed and the defense is what they wanted, he makes that throw. Carson Wentz is so physically skilled that he is able to create the WOW play rather than the easy play. The Bears are a ridiculously tough game for them however.

    Short and succinct thoughts on this weekend's wildcards. I'm betting on three underdogs this weekend -three underdogs - Seattle as well as the Los Angeles Chargers and Indianapolis.

    Seattle has a better quarterback and could remove the air from the game by playing a defense/run game.

    The Chargers could have easily defeated the Ravens just a couple of weeks ago and will not be deceived by their running match this time. They've also been extremely successful on the road this season in beating all of the Seahawks, Chiefs and Steelers away from Stub Hub Center.

    I mentioned the Colts above. They're performing excellently. They're better than the Texans whom they defeated in Houston just a few days ago.

    The Eagles are facing a tough challenge when they travel to Chicago. I'm betting that the Bears will prevail in that game.

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