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Blue-faced fangs, a terrifying monster more than a dozen stories high that eats the living. Stoker exclaimed: "The Lord's doppelganger is really very powerful. If there is a fight, Baba Le and I are probably no match." Several Baba Le are also in line with one side, [can't beat, can't beat..] [Lord is strong again..] [Baba is so happy..] The power of the dream doppelganger, apart from the gift of Sang Ruo himself, mostly comes from the master of the dream who is afraid of this doppelganger. Of all the nightmare spaces, Sang Ruo, the demon in Ori's dream, is undoubtedly one of Sang Ruo's most powerful dream doppelgangers. This is because Sang Ruo is a very powerful and invincible existence in the heart of Ori, and as Ori's horror knowledge continues to grow, the image of the devil Sang Ruo is becoming more and more terrible. Sang Ruo nodded, replaced his consciousness with the demon Sang Ruo, and then opened his eyes. Sang ruo was already in the body more than ten stories high. With the scarlet eyes that seemed to want to drink blood, he looked at the world that suddenly became small at his feet. Sang Ruo put on the ferocious and horrible devil's face and said coldly, "Let's go." "Yes, my Lord!" Stoker and Babale were very excited when they heard that they were going to start making trouble. According to the information that Sang Ruo had just located, hundreds of Baba Le cleared the way ahead, led Stoker, extended a street from Sang Ruo's feet,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, directly across the void, and paved countless secondary dream spaces outside the void. · Nannette Bratcher, the Marquis of Wisteria of the Brown Bear Empire, came to the Kingdom of Grey Pigeon with the mission of the Brown Bear Empire. As the victim of the "spy incident", Nannette Bracher questioned the Grey Pigeon Kingdom on behalf of the Brown Bear Empire. Grey pigeon national strength in general, the royal family and even the people are also relatively weak, Nannette, holding the identity of the victim,304 Stainless Steel Coil, justifiably in the country of the king of grey pigeon, gave the top level of grey pigeon from top to bottom a great loss of face. Of course, Nannette knew that he had not sent a large number of knights, nor had he given the knights a lot of money to buy any blue inflammation ore, but since the princess had given him this matter, this rare pie in the sky to show loyalty to the princess, of course, Nannette had to play well. Nannette laughed in her dreams as she recalled the embarrassment of leaving the Grey Pigeon King today. Garbage Grey Pigeon Kingdom, how about bullying you? Is to fabricate trumped-up charges to bully you, so what? In the dream, sitting on the throne of King Grey Pigeon, Nannette, who ordered King Grey Pigeon to pour wine for him, laughed proudly. Ha ha ha Nannette looked up and suddenly saw his ceiling cracked, brushed stainless steel sheet ,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, and a huge, horrible eyeball appeared outside the ceiling, which had been cut like a piece of paper, looking at him. Cough, cough, cough. Nanette was so frightened that he almost choked to death, coughing and rolling quickly under the throne. Just then, a loud voice came from outside, "Baba Le, is that a woman over there?" The wine glass in Nannette's hand was shattered in the loud sound. The throne above Nannette's head also hummed and trembled, moving almost half a step in a short sentence. Under the throne, Nannette shivered and covered his ears, which had been shaken to tinnitus, fearing that when the sound came again, his eardrums would be broken. In the dream, Nannette is a little confused for a moment. Who is he? Where is he? Why is there such a monster? A red light swept down from the big eyes on the ceiling, and the confused Nannette was stabbed in an instant. Just when Nannette was so frightened that he couldn't help himself, the red light burned all his clothes, stripped them off and scanned them from beginning to end. Naked and shaking, Nannette suddenly felt a sense of shame that she had been seen through from the inside out. The red light finally withdrew, and the big eyes on the ceiling seemed to finally confirm that Nannette was not a woman in disguise, replying to the loud voice of terror outside: [Not a woman, a man..] Come back, it should be this one here.

】 Nannette saw the huge eyeball on the top of her head finally leave. As soon as the eyeball monster left, the huge crack on the top of Nannette's head began to close automatically. By the crack that had not completely disappeared, Nannette saw the horrible face with long horns, blue face and fangs. Terrible, especially terrible. Nannette shivered as if by the sorcerer's sorcery of fear. Then, Nannette also saw the horrible monster tear hard, tearing open another blank space, in a huge shock, a somewhat familiar space appeared behind the torn crack. My Lord, this is a woman.. It's the woman the Lord is looking for.. Soon, the cracks on Nannette's side disappeared, and Nannette, who was hiding under the throne, breathed a sigh of relief, but he was still a little scared. Just now How can the familiar layout behind the other crack be so like the palace where the eldest princess often lives? Chapter 33 Princess of the Brown Bear Empire. Angelina Abakdo has been very busy recently. Her eyes are not on Sanro Landseer. Even if Sanro Landseer is likely to kill one of her little lovers and a son, she just pushed Nannette, the Marquis of Wisteria, out and let Nannette play, causing a storm. Speaking of this storm also came at the right time, so that Princess Angelina now, no longer angry with Sang Ruo killed a bunch of her loyal men, but thanked Sang Ruo. Angelina Abakdo, the Grand Princess of the Brown Bear Empire,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, plotted to launch a palace coup when the country was angry and everyone's eyes were attracted by the Grey Pigeon Kingdom! Once the uprising! Angelina first killed her two brothers, her father Abakdo III's two favorite sons, and then imprisoned Abakdo III himself. sxthsteel.com

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