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    3D Printer manufacturers

    3D Printer manufacturers  Product Features

    Matrix-MA150 is the third-generation metal 3D printer with independent design and feature upgrades, this makes it stable and accurate for industrial printing needs for example industrial parts as long as the size is not too large. This 3D printer for industrial manufacturing has excellent market-proved performance with basically zero operating cost. MA150 printers are wildly used for industrial level structural parts.
    鈥揅ompact design for small dimension parts within 150*150mm area
    鈥揊ast printing and consistent performance
    鈥揑nert gas protection with dual-cycling wind field for stable printing
    鈥揅ompatible with all market metal materials


    TechnologySLM (Selective Laser Melting)
    HS Code8485100000 (Since 2022/1/19)
    Build Volume(L*W*H)150*150*150mm
    LaserYb-Fiber, 500W
    Max Scan SpeedUp to 7m/s
    Spot Size鈮?0渭m
    Layer Thickness20~180渭m
    Building Speed2-20cm鲁/H
    Building Accuracy鈮ぢ?.1mm(L鈮?00 mm); 鈮ぢ?.1%脳Lmm(L锛?00 mm)
    File FormatSTL file or other convertible format
    SoftwareIndependent path-planning software
    Powder FeedingElectrical cylinder bottom-up
    FilterResolution 0.1渭m, multiple layer filtering
    Oxygen Monitor0.01% VOL,

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