A biography of Steve Jobs

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  • A biography of Steve Jobs

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    A biography of Steve Jobs

    Jobs has launched another iconic new product and the beginning of a new era. It fulfills the promise of "extraordinary thinking". Computers are no longer square beige mainframes and monitors, tangled wires and thick installation manuals; you are in front of a friendly, vibrant device that feels smooth and pleasing to the eye, like a. You can lift it out of the elegant white box with the cute little handle and plug it in. People who used to be afraid to touch a computer now want to own one, and they want to put it in the most prominent place in the room, so that people can envy and even envy it. "It's a machine that combines the light of science fiction with the power of whimsy," wrote Newsweek reporter Steven Levy. "It's not only the coolest looking computer launched in recent years, it's also a powerful statement that Silicon Valley's original dream company is finally sleepwalking no more!" Forbes called iMac "the turnaround of an industry.". John Sculley, who has been ousted, also said: "He's using the same simple strategy he used 15 years ago-making a popular product and launching an incredibly powerful marketing campaign.". This strategy made Apple a great success at that time. A familiar voice was quibbling again. As the iMac wins awards, Bill Gates is convinced it's just a fad. "The only thing Apple is winning at right now is color,shuttle rack system," he told a group of financial analysts visiting Microsoft. Gates pointed to a windows computer he had deliberately painted red. "It won't take us long to do that. I don't think it will be long." Jobs was furious. He told a reporter that gates, whom he had publicly derided as having "no taste at all," had no idea what made the iMac more attractive than other computers. Where our competitors are so wrong is that they think it's just a fad, it's just a facade. "They'll say, 'We're going to spray some paint on this piece of machinery,cantilever racking system, too, and that's it,'" he said. ” In August 1998, the iMac went on sale for $1,299 and sold 278,000 units within six weeks of its launch, and by the end of the year it had sold 800,000 units-making it the fastest selling computer in apple's history. Most notably, heavy duty cantilever racks ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, 32% of buyers were first-time computer buyers and 12% had used a windows computer at some point. In addition to "Bondi Blue", Ivor quickly came up with four new colors for iMac that looked very attractive. Offering five colors for the same computer is bound to be a huge challenge for manufacturing, inventory, and distribution. For most companies, including Apple at one time, there will be special studies and conferences to discuss costs and profits. When Jobs saw the new color, he was so excited that he immediately called other executives to the design studio. We're going to use all these colors! He said to them excitedly. After the crowd left, Ivor looked at his team in surprise. "In other companies, it would take months to make such a decision," Ivor recalled. "Steve did it in half an hour." Jobs also wants to make one big change to the iMac: get rid of the pesky CD tray. "I looked at a very high-end Sony stereo that had a slot-load drive," he said. "So I went to the drive manufacturer and asked them to make a slot-load drive for the new iMac, which will be available in nine months." Rubenstein tried to dissuade Jobs from making the change. He predicts that the future trend is that optical drives can not only play music, but also burn music discs. And this new feature will be implemented on tray-load drives before slot-load drives. If you're going to do a slot-load optical drive, you'll always be one step behind in technology. Rubinstein insisted. I don't care. That's what I'm going to do. Jobs was unyielding. They were having lunch at a sushi restaurant in San Francisco, and their conversation continued until they took a walk after the meal. Let's just say I'm asking you as a personal favor to help me build a slot-load optical drive. Jobs asked.

    Rubinstein, of course, could not refuse, but later it turned out that he was right. Panasonic has introduced a CD drive that reads, writes and records, and it was first installed in computers that used "outdated" CD trays. The impact of this event spread in a very interesting way over the next few years: it caused Apple to be unable to meet the needs of users who wanted to burn their own music discs, but it also prompted Apple to use its imagination and boldly find a way to climb the ranks, until Jobs finally decided to enter the music market. Note: Chapter 27 after years of CEO, it's still crazy Tim Cook. (Tim Cook and Jobs, 2007) In his first year back at Apple, Steve Jobs once again showed the world his creativity and vision — which he showed in the first phase of his time at Apple — with the launch of the "Think Different" ad and iMac. But no one is sure whether he can run a company well. Before that, his ability in this respect had not been shown. Jobs began to devote himself to some realistic, detail-oriented work,asrs warehouse, which surprised those who had worked with him. Before that, he was so unruly that the rules of the world seemed to have no effect on him. He became a manager, not an executive or a visionary. His change really surprised and delighted me. Chairman Ed Woollard recalls that he lured Jobs back. jracking.com

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