A Journey to Find Past Lives Sequel

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  • A Journey to Find Past Lives Sequel

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    A Journey to Find Past Lives Sequel

    I said you would bring him misfortune. "I am grateful for your help, but I will not relent. So," she said, staring at me, word for word, "swear by this sword that you will never marry him." My tense nerves suddenly relaxed, alas, I said young lady, swear to swear, why do you have to point a sword at me, scared to death. I thought she was going to cut me down here. I'll send it, I'll send it, I can send it several times. I pulled up a smile, "but can you put down the sword first?" "Swear first!" She glared at me. Good, good! After hearing my oath, her face softened a little. "Now that you have sworn, you can't go back on it." "Now you can take the sword away." As soon as I spoke, almost immediately, an angry and anxious voice sounded behind us, "Vika, what are you doing?" I was startled. Oh, it's Raniar. Turning around, I smiled shyly. "What are you doing here?" He rushed over with an angry look on his face, pulled me away and shouted, "I know you don't like her all the time, but she will be my wife soon. Do you want to kill her so much?" Vika looked at him impassively and did not explain. That, in fact, is like this, "no way, at this time, I have to smooth things over.". I pointed to the snake pattern on her sword. "I just thought it was very special and wanted to see it carefully, so Vika showed it to me, but his posture was easy to misunderstand." "Is that so?" Raniar clearly doesn't believe this explanation. I keep winking at Vika, fool. Just follow my lead. She hesitated for a moment, then nodded, put the sword away, and said coldly, "Well, I'm going back.". "But," she looked at me, "Raniar, I will still refuse to bless your wedding." "Vika!" Looking at her receding figure, Raniar roared, apparently angry to the point that his mouth was crooked. Then I'll go back to Nona, too. As soon as I saw that the situation was not good, I wanted to leave quickly. As soon as he turned around and took two steps, he heard a loud shout, "If you dare to take one more step, I will cut off your feet!" Sure enough, information kiosk price , they are barbarians. They are always threatening to cut off their hands and feet. Damn, even a centipede is not enough for you to cut off. Although his heart was resentful, he stopped at his feet. Come here He pointed to the rock beside him and motioned for me to sit down. I shook my head. "I want to keep my feet." "Come here!" "Just now you said you would take one more step." "If you don't come, I'll cut off your feet!" I glared at him and came over reluctantly. Why did I always yield to the evil forces so spinelessly? When I sat down beside him, a smile crossed his angry face, and suddenly he reached out and lifted my skirt. Hey, do what! I hastily shrank my feet. He frowned slightly and held my ankle. "Don't move!" His coarse, calloused fingers brushed lightly over my shins, and a low voice sounded, "There should be no scar left." "Well, that's the proof of a warrior." I imitated his tone. He raised his head, his smile was lighter than the sea breeze, his eyes were brighter than the flame, and his voice was more gentle than the moonlight. "A good girl, how can she always be like a hedgehog?" I am stupefied, this seems to be different from the usual him. "But it doesn't matter if there's a scar. The most important thing for a woman is to have a good life." He looked me up and down. "Although you don't look fit, your breasts are not big enough and your buttocks are too small.". But never mind.. The corners of my mouth began to twitch again. It's true. It's not a family. If you don't enter a house, you must have your nephew. There's a snake print on your bracelet, too. I quickly changed the subject. He looked at his bracelet, was silent for a moment, and then said, "Yin, do you want to hear the story of the snake pattern?" After I nodded, he smiled and said, "In our Viking legend, the most famous one is Ragnarok, the destruction of the gods.".

    The warriors who died in battle will live in the palace of Odin and enjoy the feast prepared for them by heaven until the day the world is destroyed. The world conceived in the frost was destroyed in the fire, but the new world will be reborn in the ashes. Therefore, there is no world that can not be destroyed, life and death always take turns in this world, just like this coiled snake.. Destruction and perishing together are the most different characteristics of Nordic mythology and other national myths. The fantasy of the destruction of the universe it depicts is so painful and tragic that almost all the myths on the earth are incomparable. Moonlight like water gently sprinkled from the zenith, the faint moonlight on his face was cold and dizzy, his eyes fell far ahead of the unknown, golden green eyes like the boundless sea, can not see to the end. My eyes fell on the snake pattern, the head and tail of the snake overlapping, as if the snake was trying to devour itself, like coiling around the whole world, representing everything going round and round.. Everything is the end, but also the beginning, never the end of the time. When I saw Kyle again, it was three nights later. As soon as he arrived at the place where he was being held, it began to rain heavily. Thunder, wind, rain, all mixed together, faintly a bit of terrible momentum. Because I was included in the escape plan, I had to get involved. To be honest, I'm also very embarrassed now, because I haven't found Karin yet, and the task seems to be far away, but now it seems that staying with Raniar is the safest way, will Karin always appear? My forehead suddenly began to sweat. If Si Yin had miscalculated the time, what if it would take five or ten years to appear? "Now is not a good time to leave. I'm afraid it's not easy to escape from so many people." I looked at the guards outside the door, and in order to avoid the suspicion of the guards, we did not come here many times. But we must go as soon as possible. Vika frowned. It would be easier if Raniar wasn't here. Kyle lowered his eyes. hsdtouch.com

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