A wife from a famous family

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  • A wife from a famous family

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    A wife from a famous family

    Liu Shi wanted to think, secretly satisfied in the heart, this Shen Ziyan does not give her face, proud and peacock, that also do not blame her for turning against people, is to buy her some messy dowry, she can not be shameless to make a noise? Is not dumb to eat Coptis, there is suffering unspeakable. When Master Shen heard this, his face was covered with ice. "Are you going to choose a dowry for Ziyan?" The voice was cold, which made Liu slightly stunned. "After all, I am the mother of Ziyan." As he spoke, he peeked at Master Shen's face and saw that he did not look unhappy. He dared to go on, "Fu Wang Fu's position is extraordinary. Since Ziyan wants to marry into Fu Wang Fu, the dowry can't be sloppy. My concubine naturally has to do her best." As soon as the voice fell, he saw Master Shen looking at her as sharp as a knife, almost making her Ling Chi. Liu did not know what he had said wrong, and hung his head in fear. Master Shen had a strong sense of sarcasm in his eyes. "You also know that Ziyan is going to marry into Fu Wang Fu." Liu's whole body stiffened, suddenly raised his head and looked at Master Shen with grievance. His apricot eyes were full of tears. "Master" Master Shen took his time to take out the painting painted by Qiushui from his sleeve and slapped it heavily on the table. "Fortunately, I didn't call you the housekeeper that day, otherwise this house would be made by you." Yesterday, Qiushui heard that Master Shen was meeting guests. It was not until Master Shen returned that he handed over the painting to him. It took a lot of effort. Master Shen was very dissatisfied with Liu. After listening to Qiushui's words,touch screen interactive whiteboard, he was even more angry. In the evening, however, Master Shen also had an inconvenient attack. He managed to hold back his anger. After thinking about it, Shen Ziyan's marriage was afraid that there were still many places where Liu needed to come forward, so he temporarily pressed the matter in his heart. Unexpectedly, early in the morning, Liu proposed to buy a dowry for Shen Ziyan. Master Shen naturally understood her intention and was even more annoyed. Liu Shi in the house just a little fight, if really buy a few boxes of messy dowry for Shen Ziyan,touch screen board classroom, this Shen family also don't want to be a man in front of Fu Wang, Shen Ziyan but Shen family open and aboveboard legitimate daughter, not the daughter of the poor family. Liu Shi was full of doubts and didn't know why Master Shen was angry. But after seeing the painting, she felt guilty and short of breath. She couldn't help defending herself in a hurry: "Although that girl is in my yard, because of her greedy mouth, she made such a thing. I have driven her out." Master Shen glanced at her coldly, which made her words stop abruptly. "Your servant girl is different from other servant girls. Only a few days later, he knew to ask people to go out to buy food, and he also knew to reward people with one or two pieces of silver. Liu Shiqiang said with a smile, "That's because my concubine saw that she was usually clever and gave her some things from time to time." Master Shen waved his hand and interrupted her impatiently. "What happened to the two beautiful maids who were given to Qingyu?" Liu Shi's face was blue and white for a while. He forced himself to explain, "I was worried that Qingyu would study day and night and spoil her body, so I asked two maids to serve him well." Master Shen said with a sneer, "I've always heard of your talent and fame, so I just married you. No matter how arrogant and self-willed you are, 65 inch smart board ,interactive panels for education, you should have a sense of propriety. If you make one more mistake, don't blame me for ignoring the situation. Apart from anything else, there are many Chuang Tzu in the distance." The implication is that if Liu uses any more means, being sent to Chuang Tzu will be the final outcome. This is like a thunderbolt, straight into Liu's heart, she trembled all over, big tears rolled down her cheeks, "master, concubine body" is sobbing, choking.

    Liu's mother asked: "Madam is also a piece of heart for the young lady and the young master." When Master Shen heard this, he couldn't help thinking of Mother Guo in those years. The past came to his mind one by one. He was even more furious. He stood up straight and put his foot on Mother Liu. "Madam is young and ignorant. You are an old mother who is used to seeing the world. Don't you know how to persuade her?"? You only know how to add fuel to the fire, and you don't have to stay in this house any longer. Mother Liu's face suddenly turned pale, and her whole body trembled like chaff. The old tears rustled down. She kept kowtowing and begging for mercy: "Forgive me, sir. It was the old slave who made a mistake." Seeing that her mother had not been well received, Liu wanted to say a few words, but when she saw that Master Shen's face was really ugly, she swallowed the words on the tip of her tongue. When Master Shen saw the master and servant, he was so angry that he left without looking back. There was a heart-rending cry in the room, which added to the annoyance of Master Shen's ears, and the pace under his feet became faster and faster. Liu's mother quickly comforted Liu: "Madam, the master was just annoyed for a while. In a few days, it's not a big deal for you to admit your mistake in a good voice." Liu's face was covered with tears and snot. "I'm his pillow. I can be so cruel." As soon as the words came out, Liu's mother hurriedly closed the door and said in a low voice, "Madam, the walls have ears. You have to have a sense of propriety when you speak." Liu Shi just doesn't listen, "this is my yard, can't I say a few words?" As soon as the voice fell, I heard a familiar voice coming in. "What's the matter, madam?"? The door was closed. It was Lily's sarcastic voice again. Liu only thought she was here to see a joke. She was so angry that she wanted to vent her anger on Master Shen. But she was pulled by Liu's mother. "Madam, how can you see people like this? I'm going to fetch water to wash your face. You have to take good care of Lily's little whore who doesn't know the depth of heaven and earth." Seeing that Shen Ziyan had been depressed and preoccupied in recent days, Mo Shu suggested, "Miss, the air is crisp in this autumn, and the chrysanthemums in the garden are all in bloom. Why don't we pinch some chrysanthemums?" Shen Ziyan didn't want to go, but as he sat there, he was even more cranky. "I don't know what the garden looks like," he said with a smile. Said, stood up, ink book see quantity in the heart a wide, busy holding Shen Ziyan walked out. A line of people out of the yard, head-on met at the foot of the wind Shen two master, Shen Ziyan see his face is not worried, dare not careless, busy up salute, Shen two master out of Liu's yard, the more I think more angry, was in a very bad mood,75 inch smart board, but see the little daughter, also showed a little smile, "where is this going?" 。 hsdsmartboard.com

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