After soaring

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  • After soaring

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    After soaring

    Archaic magic ape with one arm on the ground, kneeling painfully on the ground, the blood in his eyes more and more, the huge body trembling violently, as if struggling for something, the original physical body is getting lighter and lighter, gradually returning to the original white translucent shape.. Muscles and bodies quickly melted away. In the burning white light, a hazy man in white knelt on the ground. From his body, translucent meridians fluttered in the void. In the dark, the burning white meridians were very beautiful. The sound of strong panting came from the ground, and the dense veins around it withered at a speed visible to the naked eye, turning into a cloud of ash and dissipating in the rainy night. High in the sky, Dugu floated down and stood several feet behind Fengyun Mowgli. "How are you, Mowgli?" He asked with concern? Just now, what happened? "Don't come over!" Fengyun Mowgli suddenly roared, Dugu heard a shock, in the impression, Fengyun Mowgli never roared at him in this tone, listen to his tone, seems to be very anxious, as if he took a step forward, will die. In any case, Dugu still stopped, and the heavy rain still drifted down, but the wind was not as strong as it was at the beginning. Although the night has been the body, the outline of all things in the sword domain are hidden in the night, but through the night, Dugu clearly saw Fengyun Mowgli with his back to him, his whole body shaking sharply with the ups and downs of his chest,S Adenosyl Methionine, his long hair wet on his back, occasionally lifted by the wind blowing, sprinkling a splash. He's trying to put up with something! Dugu suddenly had such a kind of enlightenment. Let me help you! Seemed to have some kind of consciousness, Dugu slowly paced over. I said, don't come here! Wind and cloud Mowgli suddenly very exasperated roar, the body changed to stand up, then at this time, a little thin palm seems to be slowly and quickly on the shoulder of wind and cloud Mowgli, almost at the same time that the hand on the shoulder of wind and cloud Moogli, wind and cloud Mowgli suddenly turned his head,Glucono Delta Lactone, a head of wet hair, floating in the night, sprinkling a fragmentary drop of water, the long hair under the shade. A pair of red eyes were reflected in Dugu's eyes. Shock filled Dugu's eyes, a pair of eyes he had never seen before, could be filled with such an extremely evil and tyrannical breath, that naked killing, without the slightest disguise. Mowgli had the intention of killing me! Dugu couldn't believe this conclusion, and soon another thought came into Dugu's mind: "He needs my help most at the moment!" Boom! Sleeve robe dancing, a white, covered with protruding blood lines of the palm as if out of the nether world, heavily on the sword demon chest of the green robe. Click, click! Dugu did not expect to have such a sudden palm, in that terrible palm printed on his chest at the same time, a series of bone crushing sound from the chest, Dugu's chest collapsed, a white rib directly through the internal organs, the total back protruding. In the white and horrible palm, another vast land, like the most primitive destructive force from the distant flood and famine, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Thyroid Powder Factory, surged into the body of Dugu without injury. Sword demon, alone and harmless! This sudden blow, did not let the sword demon panic, thin face, a calm. Almost at the same time that the destructive force rushed into the body, the sword demon lips slightly open, spit out two vague words, "the way of the infinite" has been transported! Poof! A circle of darkness, darker than the surrounding night, spread out from the solitary and harmless body, and even the lightning that sometimes crossed the sky could not illuminate the dark and inclusive area, and all the points of light that appeared seemed to be completely inhaled by the darkness. Most of Dugu's body was hidden in the darkness, leaving only one and half of his body exposed outside the darkness. In his eyes, there was a calm, calm, but there was a strong feeling of compassion for the world. This feeling was not directed at the wind and clouds in front of him! It is a kind of compassion for heaven and earth, which originates from the heart.

    Darkness, darker than the night, spreads around like the tide, flooding the earth, flooding the mountains.. Golden Armor's figure seems to have completely disappeared, however, between heaven and earth, it seems that there are only two people left. Fengyun Mowgli and Dugu are harmless! The vast force of destruction continued to rush crazily towards Dugu's body, Dugu's face was calm, as if looking at Fengyun Mowgli, and as if through Fengyun Mowgli, he saw an infinite place. Shit! In the darkness, a strange sound came, alone without injury to the corners of the mouth, a wisp of blood flowed out, continuously. A trace of blood-colored lines similar to meridians extend in the darkness, even the darkness can not completely submerge it, and the center of the intersection of the very thin lines is Fengyun Mowgli. Bloody eyes staring at the lonely, in this pair of eyes, full of tyranny and destruction, that is not the eyes of human beings! Calm eyes, pale lips, and that wisp of blood, through the darkness, reflected in the bloody eyes, facing that thin face, strange and familiar. Like a dream, a dream that people do not want to wake up, it seems that they finally found out who the person in front of them is, the blood finally gradually faded from the eyes of Fengyun Mowgli, the crazy destructive power, and the dark blood are gradually withdrawn into Fengyun Mowgli's body. After Flying Up Volume 361 Sword Pavilion in the Night All the blood-vessel lines flowing outside finally disappeared, and the whole Sword Pavilion echoed with the sound of Fengyun Mowgli panting like a bellows. In the darkness, hundreds of thousands of golden soldiers watched from a distance. Fengyun Mowgli, who was contained by another kind of darkness, and Dugu were silent. Their lips wriggled from time to time, and no one knew what they said.. The two men did not say a few words, then Fengyun Mowgli suddenly turned around, swayed up in the wind and rain, jumped onto the new mountain range, and sat cross-legged on the top of the mountain against the wind and thunder. The rain was getting heavier and heavier, everyone was wet all over, and the cold rain trickled down the skin from under their feet. Solitary seems to be because of blood loss, and make his face show a kind of pale color, looking at the new Qianzhang giant peak, solitary some compassion looking at the figure on the top of the mountain,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, issued a low sigh, then turned around, step by step into the darkness..

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