Anecdotes of Shanghai Bund _ Dongyin Landlord

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  • Anecdotes of Shanghai Bund _ Dongyin Landlord

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    Anecdotes of Shanghai Bund _ Dongyin Landlord

    Nie Tongtian said coldly, "You really know how to find a way out!"! Inspector Zheng and I have been friends for more than ten years. If we are dismissed by your words, what face will I have to see this old friend in the future? That lobby manager listens to Nie Tongtian this word to say again of serious, also panicked for a while hands and feet, way: "This." This Inspector Nie, just say what you want to do. Nie Tongtian chuckled and said, "You're so funny!"! You're the manager here. Who am I? What to do.. Of course, the manager has to speak to you. The lobby manager took out his handkerchief and wiped the sweat on his face. Suddenly, he straightened up and pointed to the man on duty and said, "You go to the accounting department to get this month's salary now, and then get out right away. You don't have to come to work tomorrow!" That male class member listened, the way with sad face at once: "Manager … …" Manager You can't kick me out! I I I didn't make any big mistakes! Zheng Bao looked aside and felt that the punishment was too severe. He just wanted to open his mouth to plead for the male class member, but was pulled by Nie Tongtian. The lobby manager shouted, "You have offended Inspector Nie and Inspector Zheng. Isn't that a big mistake?!"! If they don't take you to the police station and put you in prison, they will let you live. Are you still not satisfied here? Then he called the guard and dragged the man away. Then he turned around and said respectfully to Nie Tongtian, "Inspector Nie.." This I don't know what to do. Are you satisfied? Nie Tongtian said disdainfully, "Don't you think it's strange that you've done it and asked me if I'm satisfied?" The lobby manager was poked by Nie Tongtian's words, but he was at a loss and did not know what to do. Nie Tongtian suddenly sneered a few times and said lazily, "We're here to do business,socket screw plug, but we don't have time to continue to waste time with you here.". You find me a senior meeting room quickly, and then bring up all the housing records from this month to now. When the lobby manager heard what Nie Tongtian said, he knew that the pass was over. He breathed a sigh of relief and ordered his subordinates to go down and get the housing records, while he led the way for Nie Tongtian and Zheng Bao. Nie Tongtian said loudly to Zheng Bao without scruple, "Brother Zheng, you see, these servants are such bitches!"! If you don't knock them often,die casting parts, they will be more powerful than you. As long as you don't scold one day, you will climb on your head and run wild! When Zheng Bao heard this, he did not speak. He just smiled, but in his heart he was thinking: "Although he is looking for face for me, the acrimony of his words and the cunning of his tactics are really amazing.". Alas. It seems that people can really change, I can no longer find the former honest Nie Tongtian! Three people came to the elevator, the elevator attendant saw the manager to take the elevator, busy to let them in, and then the elevator to the top floor. After they came out of the elevator, they turned right along the corridor and soon came to a small conference room. The lobby manager opened the door and asked Nie Tongtian and Zheng Bao to go in. Zheng Bao walked all the way, only to see that the Kaisak Hotel was well decorated, and the conference room was indeed as Nie Tongtian requested, very advanced, CNC machining parts ,deep draw stamping, the floor was covered with velvet stalls, and the decoration was full of luxury. Lobby manager: "Two sit here first, that housing record arrives immediately." Not long after, a waiter brought a cup of coffee to each of them, and another man brought three thick record books and put them on the table. The lobby manager said, "This is the housing record of the last month. What else does Inspector Nie want?" Nie Tongtian nodded and said, "You've done a good job. I'll call you when you need it. You can all go back." The lobby manager answered and went out of the conference room with several waiters. "What do you think of these records, Brother Zheng?" Asked Nie Tongtian. "That's not difficult," said Zheng Bao. "Look at the record of last night first. If you see a man named Zhou Su who has lived in the house, then everything will be fine." Say, open that record book personally, look roughly first, after finding out the time sequence that makes a book, found that paragraph last night very quickly.

    Each line in the guest page records the information of a guest. The first column is the name, the second column is the nationality, and the last columns are the passport number, the starting and ending date of the stay, the room number, the advance deposit, the signature of the customer, and the name of the receptionist. Zheng Bao did not care so much, his eyes only stared at the column of the names of the guests, and looked down one by one. Most of the residents were foreigners, accounting for more than 80%, and the rest were Chinese names, but unfortunately there was not even a surname of Chou. Zheng Baosheng was afraid that he was wrong, so he checked again, but the result was still no. He couldn't help feeling surprised and said to himself, "Could it be that the police officer Feng had made a mistake in inferring that Zhou Su and the black veil woman had never been here?" When Nie Tongtian saw that Zheng Bao's face was different, he knew it clearly in his heart. "What's the matter?" He asked? Didn't you find that Zhou Su? Zheng Bao nodded and said, "Yes, I didn't find it.". Maybe I'm wrong. He's never stayed in a room at the Caesar Hotel. Nie Tongtian said, "That's not true. Brother Zheng, what you saw was only the record of last night. This only proves that Zhou Su didn't come last night, but you can't say that he'never 'came." As soon as Zheng Bao heard this, he thought there was some truth in it. "But there are so many records," he said. "It's like looking for a needle in a haystack to find someone in it.." Nie Tongtian waved his hand and said, "Ha, it's just a little too many records. Why is it so difficult?" "Somebody!" He shouted. As soon as the voice fell, the lobby manager pushed the door and came in again. He had been waiting outside the door and asked, "What does Inspector Nie need?" "Find me three men," said Nie Tongtian. The lobby manager did not dare to ask him the reason, answered and retreated,car radiator cap, and soon came in with three waiters. Nie Tongtian said to the three waiters, "Now there is an opportunity for you to serve the patrol room. You can take one of the three housing records here and read them page by page. If you find a guest whose surname is Zhou, you can make a label and tell us when you have read them all." The three men nodded and began to look at it separately.

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