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    Beastmaster Ranger

    In the rumbling footsteps, a large group of players rushed forward crazily in the monster group, all the way to the vicinity of the wall. Here they come, ready to meet them! Fang Ting looked outside the city and saw chaos in the middle of the monster legion. A large group of players were cutting through the waves in the monster group, and they were nearly two hundred meters away from the city. I see. We are ready to open the gate and go out to meet you. The crazy little soldier nodded and said. Commander in Chief, Brother Wolf Shadow, the people of Fengshen Alliance have entered the grassland. There are still one or two thousand meters away from Fengwu City. Hurry up and get ready! Mosquito male with a group of players, according to the command has been staring at the location of the entrance to the basin, at this moment has found that the legion of Deification Alliance players are rapidly rushing towards the city. It's coming so fast. It seems that we have to hurry up. What's the situation outside the West Gate? Shi Haoyu asked hurriedly. Outside the west gate, like the other three gates, are surrounded by monsters. It is estimated that it will be very difficult for our people to get out. Replied Commander Simon. It's all right. You can block the enemy first. After the scattered players enter the city, we will rush out directly from there. Rafi, you hurry to take people to the West Gate to prepare, "Shi Haoyu said." Understand The commanders nodded and began to act at once. Rafine immediately took most of the legions of soldiers in the city and rushed down the street to the west gate, waiting for the main force to assemble at any time. At this time, outside the south gate where Shi Haoyu was, the scattered players were still charging forward, passing through the dark sea of monsters, struggling to approach the city. Mingming, where are you now? Shi Haoyu has opened the private chat channel and asked about the situation outside. I'm still on the ridge, guiding all the players into the basin. It's probably full now, and the people outside are still waiting. Answered brightly and profoundly. After a while, you take all the people into the basin and attack the east gate of Fengwu City directly. We will work together inside and outside the city to wipe out the fourth wave of monster legions and free up our hands to deal with Fengshen Alliance. Shi Haoyu told the other side the idea. Don't worry, Wolf Shadow,304 Stainless Steel Coil, I know what to do. Clear and deep nod, looking at the opposite mouth of the cave, continue to command a group of players who have just arrived to jump down the cliff and rush into the water column. Time passed quickly, the fierce battle never stopped, and now the time period has reached around 19 o'clock at night, the large-scale legion of Fengshen Alliance officially approached the center of the basin grassland, looking at the dark front of a large number of monster legions. Their position is just outside the West Gate, but at present the front is occupied by the monster legion, they can only stay in the distance and wait for the battle situation. Ye Zong, the assassin legion has checked the surrounding situation again, there is no shadow of the enemy outside the city for the time being, all of them are monster legions attacking the city. Dharma God reports against the wind. They have no extra power to guard against us now. The passage for the scattered players to enter the basin is the entrance of the waterfall last time. The situation there is the same as ours. It is blocked by the monster legion. Even if someone helps them, 304 Stainless Steel Pipe ,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, they are still helpless. Ye said excitedly. Ye Zong, that being said, we can't pin our hopes on others. We must find ways to attack the city immediately and attack the city as soon as possible with the help of monsters. Said the Dharma God against the wind. You go ahead and do it, regardless of success or failure, I believe in your ability. Ye said with his eyes shining. Thank you for your trust, General Manager Ye. Fa Shen nodded against the wind and began to issue formal operational orders in the commander's channel. In a flash, the shield God Muzun led a large number of shield players to form a long shield wall, striding forward to approach the monster legion, hiding behind the dark group of monsters. Other professional legions have moved forward, laying out attack formations outside the West Gate, waiting for the monsters in front of them to hang up one by one, they should directly face the offensive of the wall. But also a large number of Fengshen Alliance players, also under the leadership of their respective commanders, divided into two wings of the legion, toward the north and south of Fengwu City to form a siege! Now in addition to the opposite side of Fengwu City, the position of the East Gate facing the entrance of the waterfall can not be occupied, the whole Fengwu City is surrounded by the people of Fengshen Alliance in a semicircular circle.

    The enemy's movement is too big, those who hide in advance in the periphery of the map of the Phoenix crazy temple players, have seen the enemy's whereabouts from a distance, and immediately report to the commander channel. They're already on the move. We're not there yet. What are we going to do? Rafinet said anxiously. Outside the south gate, the scattered players are still struggling through the monster group, finally breaking through the summoner's undead legion, and just entering the formation of the magician. The monster in front is blocked more severely, which makes it more difficult for players to travel through, and makes the players in the city anxious. We can't wait any longer. Brother Wolf Shadow, send someone out to fight for a passage and take them into the city. Fang Ting looked into the distance and suggested. That's the only way to do it. Crazy brother, you rush out with the legion of soldiers and open the passage as soon as possible. Shi Haoyu said. Understand The crazy little soldier had already waited anxiously and opened the gate immediately after he got the order. Hum! In the muffled sound, the south gate of the city opened, and a large group of burly warriors and players poured out of the city and rushed straight towards the dense group of monsters. And guarding in front of the monster group outside the city, is a thick shield wall composed of large bull-headed warriors, want to re-open a gap from them, will it be very difficult. "All equipment in the city, lock in the middle area of fire projection, must break a gap!" Shi Haoyu hurriedly ordered. As you wish. All the commanders nodded in unison, according to his instructions, let all the attack equipment on and off the tower adjust the direction of attack, concentrated in the middle of the monster legion. Boom! Boom! For a while, the huge stones roared over the tower, and the dense stones formed a straight line,304 stainless steel wire, covering all the straight line area of 30-80 meters outside the wall. Chapter 478 decisive corner. Boom! Boom! Huge stone bullets from the sky like a straight line of sprinkling down, dozens of meters outside the city in the dense group of monsters competing to bloom, a white light suddenly shining non-stop.

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