Break the sky

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  • Break the sky

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    Break the sky

    Deep in the center of the force of the terrible squeeze, even with the strength of the phoenix day, is not help some heart jump up, if in the blast, even if he, I'm afraid today is seriously injured, at the moment in the heart is also sprouted to retreat, huge body strange shake, unexpectedly is forcibly will nine colors swallow day python winding loose some, followed by, golden surge, His huge body shrank like lightning and finally turned into a figure in the eyes of many people. As soon as he turned into a shadow again, his wings fluttered behind the phoenix sky, the sound of wind and thunder surged, and his body penetrated the space, hurriedly sweeping away from the snake net. Bang! The speed of the phoenix sky is extremely swift and violent, under the flash of wings, it is at that critical moment, from the crevice of the snake net flash out, but just when he thought he had escaped, a huge shadow suddenly fell from the sky, colorful snake tail, mercilessly thrown on its body, the terrible sound of gas explosion, the ground below ten thousand feet, is smashed out of a huge pit of nearly ten thousand feet.. By this snake tail solid in the blast, the phoenix day on the spot is a mouthful of blood, the terrible force, almost its internal organs are shaking displacement, and its body, is also like a cannonball flying down, and finally in a stunned look, mercilessly shattered a mountain peak, and continued to paint on the ground after a deep ditch. Just slowly stopped. The whole sky, a line of eyes looking at the bottom of the ditch extending to the end of the line of sight, are coincidentally rolling a throat, once again looking at the sky that nine colors swallow pythons, eyes are already some of the color of fear, such a terrible force even ordinary Dou Sheng strong, I am afraid it is a tail thrown into a fog of blood.. "Goo." At the moment,MBR reactor, the strong members of the Phoenix Clan were all stiff and dull. Under the pressure of the giant in the sky, none of them dared to set out to save the Phoenix. When the whole world fell into silence, the huge nine-color swallowing python in the sky slowly occupied its huge body, and its colorful and gorgeous luster burst out from its body. Immediately, the huge body of the swallowing python began to shrink, and finally in the stunned eyes, it turned into a beautiful image with enchanting curves. The brilliance in the sky gradually dispersed, and the enchanting shadow also appeared in the eyes. Leng Yan, enchanting, bring disaster to the country and the people.. At the first sight of that one faintly filled with cold charming face, many people's heartbeat, are quietly accelerated frequency, such a person, can be called peerless beauty. Enchanting people in the sky, appear, jade hand to the sky that dozens of colorful swallowing pythons, the latter is whistling down, and finally into a colorful brilliance, swept into its body. Are those the souls of colorful devouring pythons? When she collected these colorful devouring pythons, the demon and others were shocked to realize that those devouring pythons were not congealed by energy, Rotating sludge scraper ,disc air diffuser, but the real soul of the devouring python! The souls of dozens of colorful pythons! At the thought of this, even if the demon, the brain is a little dizzy up, the rest of the elders of the nine nether world python clan, but also eyes stagnant, like a fool, this number has been a pitifully small number of colorful pythons, how can so many appear at one time? For their shock, the jade man in the sky is ignored, with a trace of laziness and cold eyes slowly swept over the sky, like the queen who looked at her subjects, indifferent and dignified, but all those who were affected by the lazy eyes with a trace of laziness, their hearts would beat violently, and some people with weak minds would blush. The fighting spirit in the body is disordered. The enchanting jade man's eyes, just a rough sweep below, did not stop to move away, and then she slightly tilted her head, looking not far behind her, where the young man in a black shirt was hanging in the air, with a soft smile on his face, a pair of dark eyes, filled with joy.

    When her eyes, on that young figure, that is full of enchanting cheeks, is also slowly lifted a trace of radian, like blooming peony flowers, charming and moving, and beautiful soul-stirring. Chapter 1547 changes. Seeing the beautiful and dazzling smile on the cheeks of the color scales, Xiao Yan's mind was also slightly absent-minded. He immediately shook his head gently, came to his senses, and said with a light smile, "Is the retreat finished?" "Mmm." Colorful scales Yingying smiled, and her long and narrow beautiful eyes slowly swept over Xiao Yan's body. Immediately, Dai Mei, who was as slender as the moon, raised her eyebrows slightly and said, "You have improved a lot of strength again." "I can't compare with you." Xiao Yan spread out his hands, looking at the eyes of the color scales slightly helpless, from the appearance of the color scales, it is clear that this time the strength of the retreat has soared to a very strong point, which makes him a little speechless, the bottom of the afterlife, he has also been there, but did not feel anything wrong, but this so-called normal place, after the color scales entered, But it is such a great benefit, such a blessing, it is false to say that they do not envy. Is it? Color scale lotus step lightly, with an attractive fragrance approaching Xiao Yan, beautiful eyes slightly flashing, immediately a slender jade onion finger suddenly to Xiao Yan lightning point, in its fingertips, nine colors of luster looming, a strange energy quietly spread. Seeing this, Xiao Yan couldn't help shaking his head. As soon as he grasped the palm of his hand, the pink flame was blooming in front of him. The jade finger of the color scale also stopped dangerously outside the flame. He glanced at Xiao Yan and said with a little regret, "I thought I could surpass you this time." For the kind of feeling when the strength is far more than Xiao Yan, even now, color scales are especially deep in memory, but let her slightly strong depressed is that that kind of thing, it seems impossible to appear again. Xiao Yan helpless, this time out of the customs,filter nozzle, color scales as if once again changed back to the past that difficult to tame Queen Medusa in general, cool and charming, and has a stronger self-confidence.

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