Bucket. Luo . Big . Lu's Second Peerless Tangmen

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  • Bucket. Luo . Big . Lu's Second Peerless Tangmen

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    Bucket. Luo . Big . Lu's Second Peerless Tangmen

    Xuanlao is a super Douro of level 98, and it is only a thin line away from the extreme Douro. As the second master of Shrek Academy, his full strength is so terrible. The two-headed Cyclops turned into powder in an instant. Three, he retreated in time, but was blown away by the aftermath and suffered heavy losses. Not to mention that it is not a real hundred-thousand-year-old soul beast, even if it is a hundred-thousand-year-old soul beast in front of Xuanlao, how can it please? The roar sounded in the next moment, and a dark red figure came brazenly, blocking the attack of Xuanlao who was ready to harvest the three-eyed golden pillow. In the violent roar, Xuanlao finally fell in the air, with Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao beside him, and the figure that rushed over was also bombarded by the huge force of Xuanlao's gluttonous cow, but it was still blocked in front of the three-eyed golden view. Three angry roars went out at the same time. Set the body shape to see the appearance of this soul beast, more than five meters long, born very strong, also some like a lion, but it has three identical big head mouth, each head has a diameter of more than one meter, terrible canine teeth release red golden luster. The three big heads roared at the same time, and within a radius of ten miles, all the soul beasts crawled on the ground and dared not move. The loud noise from this side also affected Mo Feiyun and his party in the distance. Huo Yuhao's sudden departure made them very dissatisfied, but in a flash,jacuzzi manufacturers, a yellow light flashed, and they didn't even see it clearly. Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao also disappeared. Just then, Huo Yuhao released the breath of the ice emperor, as well as a series of roars and explosions, which made the group of soul masters who were not weak pale one by one. They even wonder, is this really a mixed zone rather than a core zone? Mo Feiyun took the crowd to turn around and run, that also care to look for what soul beast. Red King? Seeing the roaring soul beast, Xuan Lao's face became heavy and he did not continue to attack. You're the guy from Shrek Academy. The three-headed soul beast,hot tub manufacturers, shaped like a lion, actually spoke, but his voice was still full of anger. Old Xuan growled in a low voice, "Red King, for the sake of the agreement between our Academy and your star-fighting ferocious beasts, I will not be difficult for you.". Get out of the way and hand over the golden lion in the back. The anger in his heart has reached the acme, if Huo Yuhao died, how can he explain to Mu Lao? Standing behind Xuanlao, Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao were also pale, especially Wang Dong. At this moment, he only felt black in front of his eyes. In his heart, it seemed that something was broken. The intense pain turned into tears. Is such a twinkling of an eye, Yu Hao, Yu Hao he unexpectedly. , "Bastard," roared the Red King. Do you know who it is? If you dare to touch it, jacuzzi bath spa ,China spa factory, you will be the enemy of all the soul beasts in our Star Forest. Xuan Lao looked at the Red King coldly. "I don't care who it is. I only know that it killed or even ate the most important disciple of our Shrek Academy.". You should understand that although you rank eighth in the top ten fierce beasts, you are no match for the old man. If you want to bury it, I don't mind. Anyway, when I go back, I can't explain to the college. Fortunately, it was enough to kill Ben. As he spoke, Xuan Lao lifted his leg and took a step forward. The terrible momentum suddenly went like a mountain towards the Red King. Wait a minute The Red King is a little anxious. Although its cultivation has broken through three hundred thousand years, ranking eighth in the top ten fierce beasts, it is really no match for the human beings in front of us. It's too late to signal for help. It will take time for the top powers of the Star Forest to come from the fierce beast area. And the human in front of him won't give it that much time at all. Wait for what? Xuan Lao said coldly. "Don't do it, human," said the Red King. Behind me is the emperor's auspicious beast in the Star Forest, which is the only auspicious beast on the mainland today. If it dies, the whole forest of stars will go mad. Xuan Lao felt a shock in his heart. Although he had heard of the auspicious beast, in his memory, it only appeared in the legend. I don't care if you're crazy or not, I'm going to be crazy now. Xuan Lao did not flinch, Huo Yuhao's "death" has completely confused him. You hear me out.

    "The Red King said eagerly," The name of the Emperor's auspicious beast is Three-eyed Jinni. Generally speaking, unless you humans take the initiative to attack it, it will not take the initiative to attack you humans. Its food will only be the brains of the soul beast with the light attribute. You wait for me to ask if it really killed your man. In the face of life crisis, especially the three-eyed golden pillow to face life and death, even as a fierce beast, the Red King had to surrender in front of Xuanlao. Hearing what it said, Xuan Lao finally calmed down a little, yes! Is Huo Yuhao really dead? Just then, a strong breath of terror suddenly appeared, released from not far away, that ferocious idea, is clearly the breath of another ferocious beast. Feel this breath, whether Xuanlao or the Red King were stunned for a moment, the Red King was greatly confused, this is the same super soul beast as himself, but how can this cold breath be so strange? It seemed to have appeared once just now, but it disappeared in an instant without waiting for me to look for it. Xuan Lao was overjoyed after a dull moment, which was clearly the breath of Huo Yuhao's simulation of a hundred thousand years of soul beast! He's not dead! Huo Yuhao, of course, did not die, his reaction was a little slow, because in the face of the terror and pressure released by the confrontation between the two strong, he wanted to tell the past that he had to have that ability! Reminded by the ice emperor, he once again simulated the breath of the ice emperor in the case of being suppressed and unable to move, and passed on the news that he was still alive. Xuan Lao understood what was going on, but Chi Wang didn't understand! But, in his opinion, it was always good for him and the three-eyed golden pillow to have a fierce beast coming. For more than a hundred thousand years, the wisdom of the soul beast is even greater than that of ordinary human beings, and they will never easily fight with each other. What's more, there is an auspicious beast that all soul beasts must protect with all their strength,endless pool factory, and it is convinced that those who come will help it. With the power of the two ferocious beasts, it is not afraid of Xuan Lao. Even if you can't win, it's no problem to protect the three-eyed Jin Ni. monalisa.com

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