Can you hear my heart moving?

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  • Can you hear my heart moving?

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    Can you hear my heart moving?

    There is no sorrow greater than the death of the heart. Misfortunes never come singly, suffering both inside and outside, will she take things too hard? He was worried about her accident. But after so many years, how can he appear in front of her? Not too abrupt, not too intimate, the right distance is so difficult to grasp. No, no, no. Anything you want to do, it's never too late. Because of this, he racked his brains. He wanted to tell her about his guilt and self-reproach, to tell her that someone still loved her, and to hope that she would live a good life, brave, strong and optimistic. At the live broadcast of "Heaven and Earth", he finally said the words: "It's not the wind, it's not the banner, it's my heart." Clock pen, after all these years, have you ever heard? He knows, she must understand. As for what happened later, he could not predict, but tried his best to fight for it. Zhang said he left Hong Kong on the same flight as Zhong Bi's mother and son. On the way, he did not ask her why she had agreed to go first, until after dinner, he began to settle accounts after autumn. The clock pen is busy folding the bed and tidying up the room, while the left degree has escaped from labor and has already slipped out to play. He pressed the busy hands of the clock pen and pulled her shoulder to kiss her, which he had wanted to do for a long time. As soon as the bell slanted,lamella tube, his kiss fell on the side of her face. Zhang said he hugged her and the hot air blew in her ear. "Why don't you wait for me?"? Did Zuo Si embarrass you? Overcome all difficulties, clear the way, finally wait until this day, but the reaction of the clock pen makes him uneasy. Zhong Bi gave him a white look. "What's the trouble? They're busy-I wanted to call you to tell you what kind of busy boarding, but I forgot it for a while." Zhang said that when she took her clothes to take a bath, she ignored him and refused to let her go. The clock sneered. "What are you doing?" Play read suddenly, his face changed, looked outside and said, "Ah,rotary vacuum disc filters, Zuo Xue, you're back.." Zhang said hurriedly looking back. She lowered her head, took the opportunity to get under his armpit, stood a few steps away, raised her eyebrows and looked at him with a smile and a proud look on her face. He fell for it again. Zhang said he strode over, holding her tightly in one hand and pressing her into his arms, making a gesture to spank her. She ignored him again and again, which was really hateful. Zhong Bi pretended to be frightened and surrendered immediately. "Grandpa, spare my life. The little one won't dare any more." This man is so boring and serious that he doesn't know any boudoir fun. Zhang said that the big palm that was supposed to fall on her buttocks turned to her chest and gently kneaded it. Who says he doesn't know boudoir fun? She used to be a married woman. How could he surpass her? Now nature is different. She understood what he wanted and stood on tiptoe to kiss him. If the object is him, she does not mind, she owes him too much, this is nothing. Zhang said that he had waited too long, and although his dream was about to come true, he dared not let go of his courage to act recklessly. The two men fell on the sofa, his hands wandering around the clock pen. Not enough, or not enough, he hopes a little more, a little more, deep into the bone marrow. Zhong Bi half propped himself up and reached out to unbutton his shirt. Zhang said that his face was flushed and his breath was disordered. He kept kissing her. He couldn't help himself. He muttered a few words from his throat: "We get married." Although it was unreasonable, disc air diffuser ,multi disc screw press, they would get married, so it didn't matter. What he said was vague, so close that the clock pen heard it, and the hand could not help but look up at him. What's the matter? Zhang said she wanted to kiss her, but she dodged and pulled up her clothes. The charming enthusiasm suddenly disappeared. The clock pen sat up slowly, turned his head and said softly, "I don't want to get married." Can he understand her mood at the moment? The negative impact of her failed marriage seems to be unbearable to her, completely subverting her past yearning for a better marriage and family, and blurring her values and love. She was now so frightened of marriage that she made no secret of it, to the extent that she turned pale at the mention of it, and like a snake and scorpion, she was afraid to avoid it. What's more, she knows that she is not good enough for him. She is just a broken body, where is the ability to bring him happiness? Zhang said his heart cooled down and looked at her with an expressionless face. What does she mean? Zhong Bi wrapped his hands around his neck again and whispered in his ear, "Ah Yue, Ah Yue, Ah Yue.." Such a relationship, she has been very satisfied, dare not ask too much.

    Zhang said he pushed her away and asked coldly, "Why?" The clock pen avoided answering, went up to kiss him, teased him back and forth at the corners of his lips, put his hand into his shirt and stroked it skillfully, gradually going down. Zhang said his face turned red and his body reacted naturally. Desire notwithstanding, he pulled her away and said angrily, "Do you think I'm so casual?" She doesn't want to marry him, but she wants to do the most intimate thing with him! The clock pen is stupefied, gaping at him, this, this, this-should be her line? Looking at his serious and serious face, she wanted to laugh, but she dared not, for fear of stimulating his male dignity. She wanted to tease him more and more. She pulled his face, exhaled like an orchid, and said seductively, "Kiss me." "I don't want to kiss you," Zhang said angrily, holding down her restless hands. Like a child who can't eat candy, he looks annoyed. He was in a bad mood at the moment, and it was all her fault. How can there be such an awkward man in the world? Is it true that people who study science and engineering are all elm knots? She covered her lips with a titter, raised her eyebrows and asked, "Really?" Zhang said he looked at her bitterly, with a defensive face, in case she jumped on her. The clock pen glanced at him, jumped up on one foot to look for slippers, and hummed, "If you don't kiss, you don't kiss. Do you think I'm rare?" He picked up the clothes scattered on the ground and went to take a shower. When she came out, Zhang said she had gone. Zuo Xue sat on the ground tidying up the car model and said without raising his head, "Did you quarrel with Zhang?" When I met him at the door, his face was as black as Lord Bao's. This boy, the policeman of the Pacific Ocean, is very lenient. The clock pen ignored him and wiped his hair by himself. "Put it away, put it away, go to read, and quickly make up for the missed lessons.". If you dare to embarrass me in the final exam, I'll see what I can do to you. Zuo Xue has long been numb to her such threats,fine bubble diffuser, simply do not take it seriously, looking at her suddenly surprising words, "is he dissatisfied with the desire?" 。

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