Chemistry will work

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  • Chemistry will work

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    Chemistry will work

    As introduced by England captain Leah Williamson, “Ultimate means everyone – welcome women’s football to Ultimate Team to unlock a new world of squad building potential.”

    Chemistry will work in the same way, with overlap coming between the men’s and women’s game through club and nation connections. You will notice that FUT play cards have received a new layout design, which will show off the player portrait and background art more.

    As well as creating a larger image, more card details will be shown in a streamlined manner. Some special and in-form items will also have art “breaking out” of the card shell, with customised animations for select designs. This will make Icon cards more powerful, as they felt a bit lackluster in FUT 24.

    Position Modifier consumables have been removed from the game. Instead, a player will automatically provide chemistry if moved into their Primary or Alternative Positions.

    Loan Players will no longer appear when squad building in SBCs. Position searches will now include Primary and Alternative Positions, making squad building easier.
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