china Aluminium Products Processing factory

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  • china Aluminium Products Processing factory

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    china Aluminium Products Processing factory

    china Aluminium Products Processing factory  Our Factory
    15 years metal working experience Hongwang is famous for its high efficiency, high quality and excellent service. It has more than 4000 square meters of modern plant and more than 120 sets of advanced material production equipment at home and abroad.
    Our Product
    CNC machining laser cutting processing parts processing various types of metal processing.
    Product Application
    Daily necessities mechanical equipment decoration furniture electronic equipment decoration.
    Our Certificate
    International ISO Certificate銆丆ertificate of high-tech enterprises.
    Production Equipment
    Numerical control銆乴aser cutting machine銆丆NC Shearing Machine銆丼heet metal cutting machines銆丳ipe cutters銆乴aser engraving machine.
    Our Service
    You only need one phone call, the rest will be handed over to us a quick response mechanism, timely problem handling, high efficiency we for each customer with a person to track, timely report the progress, timely delivery, after-sales guarantee, any quality problems can be returned.china Aluminium Products Processing factory

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