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    China Cosmetic Materials

    China Cosmetic Materials Application 1) Tanning cosmetics DHA is mainly used as a raw material for cosmetic formulations, especially as a sunscreen, it has a special effect, can prevent excessive evaporation of skin moisture, and play a role in moisturizing, sun protection and UV radiation protection. In addition, DHA can make the skin produce a kind of artificial brown, so it can also be used as a simulating agent for the skin tone of the sun, to get the brown or tan skin that looks the same as the result of long-term exposure to the sun, making it look very nice. In most sunless tanning products, dihydroxyacetone is used as a main ingredient. It can be used alone to achieve the desired effect, or combined with other tanning additives such as erythrulose to produce better results. After using DHA, it can usually change the color of the skin within 2-4 hours, and make the skin color darker in the following 24-72 hours. 2) Fat-reducing functional food Dihydroxyacetone (especially in combination with pyruvate) can potentially burn fat effectively, reduce body fat and delay weight gain, and reduce the incidence of related diseases. 3) Food preservative The preservative with DHA as the main ingredient can be used for the preservation of fruits and vegetables, aquatic products, and meat products. DHA for Cosmetic Dosage Form Tanning Cream, Spray, Gel, Mousse, etc. Precautions Although using DHA to change skin tone is healthier than sun tanning or commercial tanning, it is still harmful to health. Within 24 hours of use, the skin will become sensitive. Please take sun protection measures during this period to avoid exposure to the sun and stay indoors as much as possible. DHA may cause irritation to sensitive parts of the body. DHA should not be used in the eyes or body parts covered by mucous membranes. Avoid inhaling or swallowing this product.China Cosmetic Materials website:

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