China LCD Screen Module

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  • China LCD Screen Module

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    China LCD Screen Module

    China LCD Screen Module 
    Guangzhou Innolux Optronics Co., Ltd
    Guangzhou Innolux Optronics Co., Ltd has focused on LCD panel industry for more than 10 years,we can provide customers with professional and perfect LCD solutions. Our TFT-LCD panel are widely used in consumer electronics, vehicle navigation, security, industrial control, medical instruments, monitoring, instrumentation, industrial automation and other industries. We specialize in sales of all Innolux lcd panels and modules,we can provide transparent supply,real-time manufacturing information,competitive price,and on-time delivery for all of our customer,so our customers are all over the world.
    Innolux Provides Solutions
    Innolux is one of the most professional LCD panel manufacturers in the world,belongs to Foxconn Group.Innolux was founded in 2003 and went public in Taiwan in 2006. In March 2010, its merger with Chi Mei Optoelectronics and TPO Displays marked the largest merger in the history of the panel industry. With its innovative and differentiated technologies, Innolux provides advanced display integration solutions, including 8K4K ultra-high resolution, AM miniLED, AM microLED, LTPS and touch solutions. Its product lines also covers various display applications, such as TV panels, desktop monitors and laptop panels, small and medium-sized panels, medical and automotive panels, etc. Innolux formulates specifications, leads the market trend, and provides a full range of product portfolio and solutions to our suplliers customers in cutting-edge information and consumer electronics manufatures.
    Innolux's Factory
    Innolux owns 14 plants in Taiwan, with production lines of all generations 鈥?from 3.5G, 4G, 4.5G, 5G, 6G, 7.5G, 8.5G, to 8.6G. It is the world's only one-stop, comprehensive display total solution provider whose products cover large, medium and small sized LCD panels and touch panels.China LCD Screen Module

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