China Zinc Stearate

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  • China Zinc Stearate

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    China Zinc Stearate

    Zinc Stearate powder CAS NO. 557-05-1
    Zinc stearate is a "zinc soap" widely used in industry. In this context, soap is used formally as a metal "salt" of fatty acid. It is a white solid that repels water. It is insoluble in polar solvents (such as alcohols and ethers), but it is soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons (such as benzene) and chlorinated hydrocarbons after heating. It is the most powerful release agent of all metal soaps. It contains no electrolytes and is hydrophobic. Its main application field is in the plastics and rubber industries as a release agent and easy-to-inject lubricant.
    It is widely used as a release agent for many products: rubber, polyurethane, polyester processing systems, powder metallurgy. These applications take advantage of its "non-stick" feature. In cosmetics, zinc stearate is used as a lubricant and thickener to improve texture.
    It is an "activator" that promotes the sulfur vulcanization of rubber. It was found that zinc has a beneficial effect on the reaction between sulfur and polyolefins in the early stage of vulcanization. Stearate is a form of zinc that dissolves well in the non-polar environment of polyolefins.
    It is lipophilic and can be used as a phase transfer catalyst for fat saponification.
    CAS No.557-05-1
    Molecular FormulaC36H70O4Zn or [CH3(CH2)HCOO]2Zn
    Molecular Weight632.33
    Density (g/cm3)1.095
    Melting Point (鈩?118-125
    SolubilityInsoluble in water; Soluble in hot ethanol/ether, benzene, turpentine, and other organic solvents
    AppearanceWhite solid powder
    Zn (%)10-11.5
    Free Acid (as Stearic Acid) %0.5 Max
    Moisture (%)1.0 Max
    Size (Through 200 mesh) %99.0 Min
    - 15Kg net paper bags with PE inner liner.
    - 450Kg (30Bags) per pallet
    - 9000Kg (600Bags) for a 20鈥?Full Container.
    Zinc Stearate should be stored under dry and clean conditions in its original packaging due to its hygroscopic properties. Please pack and seal again if it鈥檚 not completely used after opening.China Zinc Stearate

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