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    CNC Lathe Service

    CNC Lathe Service  CNC lathe parts processing can meet the various product needs of small parts suppliers and achieve the best price/performance ratio. This service uses high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure maximum product performance. We can closely combine the internal quality of the product with the external personality design according to the actual needs of customers to create parts that satisfy customers. CNC lathe parts processing can control the stamping tolerance within 0.015mm and achieve extremely high dimensional accuracy. We are fully capable of machining special burr-free stampings with competitive prices and fast delivery. This service can help parts suppliers to shorten the construction period on the premise of ensuring quality.
    Material: stainless steel/brass/copper/steel/aluminum/as your request
    Surface Treatment: Nickel Plating/Tin Plating/Silver Plating/As your request
    Size: As per customer drawing
    Origin: Huizhou, China
    Uses: suitable for electric meters, cables, electronics, electrical appliances and other fields
    Logistics and Transportation
    Packing: plastic bag, carton, wooden case
    Packing size: carton (18*28*19.5), customized wooden box specifications according to specific quantity
    Shipping method: express/logistics, etc.
    Standard: ROHS, ISO9001
    Specifications: can be customized according to your drawings.
    Our advantages
    1.Quality assurance, high precision
    2.The inner hole of CNC lathe can be controlled within 0.01mm
    3.The surface finish of steel parts can be controlled at 0.8
    4.Aluminum parts can be controlled at 0.4
    5.Stamping tolerance can be controlled within 0.015mmCNC Lathe Service

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