Comprehensive wear to save the spoony girl

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  • Comprehensive wear to save the spoony girl

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    Comprehensive wear to save the spoony girl

    Bai Feifei hesitated for a moment and found that the plan of the other party was really thorough. The weakness of her ghost palace was that there was no such news network. Otherwise, how could she come out in person? "What am I going to do now?" It was Wang Lianhua's people who were doing it. What did she need to do? You? Keep fit here. ! It's all arranged. There's nothing more to do. Wang Lianhua spread out her hands. He didn't want her to do anything, and if she wanted to see the Happy King die, she would have waited for the final appearance. Nurture the body? What kind of cooperation is that? ? "Is he the only one?"? How can you be so cooperative? ? Who cooperated with you? These machinations Murder and arson is a man's business. With my brother, you just have to wait for the result. Whose daughter is not spoiled? Look at that Zhu Qiqi What are you used to? Your mother has been raising you as a boy all these years for revenge. Not now, I am here, you just sit and wait for the final result, inform the people of the Ghost Palace to go out, and do nothing. He wanted to make his sister the happiest woman in the world, who only needed to eat, drink and play day by day, and had nothing to worry about. Bai Feifei felt sour in her heart and felt wet in her eyes. She turned her head and looked out of the window. No one had ever said to her that she didn't have to do anything at her daughter's house. Just wait to be spoiled? Is it if I had this brother since I was a child? She doesn't have to bear this painful hatred, and she can have a happy childhood? Seeing that Bai Feifei was red-eyed by his own words, Wang Lianhua felt a little uncomfortable in his heart. He laughed and joked: "Actually, you still have an important task." "What task?" Heard something to do, Bai Feifei hurriedly put away the sad mood, turned to look at Wang Lianhua. Cultivate a relationship with me! Ever since I knew you were my sister. I began to fantasize about the scene of recognizing your brother and sister, and the way I get along with you. Now it's just right. We have nothing to do. We can get to know each other and cultivate our feelings. How important it is! "Wang Lianhua's eyes shone with excitement when she thought that she could be with her sister in the future. He's going to live with his sister. The author has something to say: First of all,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, I would like to thank Jing Xiaojin for his landmine. Dear, thank you for leaving me a message under the new article. I love you so much (3) Er, yes, dear friends, I have opened a new article, gay friends are double more, I am also itching. But that won't delay this book. Don't worry. Now I will tell you about my new article. Interested friends can go and have a look. Of course,whirlpool bathtub, after reading the feeling is not your dish, you must remember not to walk empty-handed, remember to leave the flowers ~ ~ ~ well, this is the drop o (∩ _ ∩) o ~ After her death, she went back to the poor seventies, where people brought space to grow flowers and grass to feed and clothe themselves. Not a blade of grass grew in her space. It's useless. When someone saves a life, the one who is saved is grateful; her grandmother saved a life Before he died, he hoped that the man could take care of her. As a result, the bastard looked her up and down and said with certainty, "When you grow up, you will be my wife. I will take care of her for a lifetime. If you don't be my wife and eat a few meals with you, who will have the leisure to take care of your wife?"? I don't have enough to eat myself. 。” Generally speaking, 4 person jacuzzi ,massage bathtub manufacturers, it is the story of a cold and selfish woman who meets a man who cheats and raises his wife. Bai Feifei found that her relationship with her new brother broke all her previous habits. It's not that she hasn't been alone with a man. When she was with Shen Lang, they often leaned on each other to look forward to a better future, and then did what they should do. Although Shen Lang didn't dare to practice brazenly when she was there, Shen Lang often went out. No one cared about her whether she practiced or did anything. But not now, since with her brother, everything has changed. People who practice martial arts must practice kungfu every day. Not to advance is to fall behind, just like sailing against the current.

    But she just took the sword and wanted to practice for a while. Sister, what are you doing? Your body hasn't recovered yet. How can I practice my sword? Isn't it boring? ? Go Go inside and I'll play chess with you, won't I? Don't worry I'll teach you, I tell you, my chess level is still very good. As a result, the whole morning passed like this. After lunch, Bai Feifei had nothing to do and wandered to Wang Lianhua's study. Looking at the books in the room, she pulled out one. Since she can't practice swordsmanship, she can read a book. There are a lot of books about this kind of stratagem. He can be so intelligent. It should be related to this, right? And I just picked up the book. …… Sister, what are you going to do? Ah How much brain power does this kind of book take? What you need to do now is to rest. It's too much to think about. It's boring? Come here Listen to my brother, I play the piano for you. I tell you that the master who taught me to play the piano at the beginning is a contemporary master, and the level of that person.. As a result, an afternoon passed like this. After dinner, Bai Feifei returned to his room, closed the door, looked at the clean and tidy bed, and nodded with satisfaction. There is no one now. Is it all right for her to meditate and practice internal skills? Result …… "Sister?"? Didn't sleep ? I knew you wouldn't go to bed so early. Go, today my Piaoxiangyuan selects the flower queen, you do not think this is a brothel is very bad, oh, this flower queen's selection can be based on real ability, very interesting. Come on, let's go and have a look. It's a rare opportunity. It's a pity not to see it. Let's go. Bai Feifei was so excited Wang Lianhua dragged out, until late at night was dragged back, because came back too late, but also by the way in the brothel to eat a midnight snack. Lying in bed, she just felt dizzy today, this is really the day she Bai Feifei should live? Why is it so weird? ? Play chess and listen to the piano Go to a brothel? This is really cultivating the relationship between brother and sister. ? With a full heart of doubt. She's asleep. I thought it was an accident yesterday, and there should be nothing to do today. As a result, when practicing martial arts, she was dragged by Wang Lianhua to enjoy the flowers and have a heart-to-heart talk, and when reading books, she was dragged to listen to each other's string and bamboo playing and singing. After dinner, she thought that this time there was no flower queen to see,endless pool swim spa, so that she could practice at ease, right? Result The guy took her to the lake to see the night view again? I found it in bed at night. Today, it was abandoned again.

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