Customized 2 Axis Positioner

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  • Customized 2 Axis Positioner

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    Customized 2 Axis Positioner

    1. Product Description

    Big 2 axis positioner is a good product. The driver of positioner will be fixed on the control box before delivery. This model has 500kg payload and we can also process more bigger payload positioner. We have other type of 2 axis positioner such as L type, C type. If you want to weld complex parts, using a positioner is the best choice.
    2. Welding Samples

    3. Product Application
    4. Technical Parameters

    Model FP2P-0250 FP2P-0500
    Axis 1 1
    Size Diameter 500mm Diameter 500mm
    Payload 250kg 500kg
    Repositioning Accuracy 卤0.1mm 卤0.1mm
    5. Product Certification

    6. Product details

    If you want to use a positioner, you need to book it together with robot. We will put the drivers of positioner inside the control box. In the standard conditions, the control box has only two positions for extra driver, so if you want to use 3 axis positioners, one of the drivers must connect outside. After connect the positioner, the robot system also needs to set some parameters with teach panel.
    7. Delivery

    Our standard product delivery time is 10 days.
    We can provide EXW, FOB and CIF delivery terms.
    We have our own carrier company can provide you very safe, fast, cheap delivery service.
    8. After-sales Service

    We have 82 professional engineers can provide 24 hours online technical support.
    After sales service is the most advantage of Fulzh company. We have the most professional team and our target is solve all the problem of customers.
    9. FAQ

    Q: How many lessons in the training?
    Answer: We have four days training.
    Q: How many exhibitions have you attend in 2018?
    Answer: We attend about 90 exhibitons in China and 5 exhibitions in the world.
    Q: How to become your sole dealer?
    Answer: First you need have showing room and technicians, and you need to promote hard in your market.
    Q: How many robots need your sole distributer sold for one year.
    Answer: Different counties has different target.
    Q: Which is your good market in the world?
    Answer: Now we have good sales performance in Thailand, Korea, Poland, Russia... Customized 2 Axis Positioner

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