Customized Fiberglass Composite Panels

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  • Customized Fiberglass Composite Panels

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    Customized Fiberglass Composite Panels

    Fiber Sheet For Home Wall
    Glass reinforced plastic (FRP), also known as GFRP, or named as fiber reinforced plastics, generally refers to the use of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin and phenolic resin matrix, glass fiber or its products as the reinforcing material of the reinforced plastics, known as glass fiber reinforced plastics, or known as glass fiber reinforced plastics, different from toughened glass.
    What you can get
    鈥?FRP thickness from 0.5mm to 4.0mm;
    鈥?Maxim width 2600mm;
    鈥?In a range of colors as per RAL colors.
    鈥?Packing in roll for 40m + or in piece for 12m;
    6 reasons why you should use our products
    鈥?Anti chemical corrosion
    鈥?Easy to clean
    鈥?Light weight
    鈥?Can be installed with glue or fasteners, or both
    鈥?Excellent sanitation protection
    鈥?Low thermal conductivity
    Where you can use the FRP panels
    鈥?Construction industry
    鈥?Chemical industry
    鈥?Transportation industry
    鈥?Electrical industry
    Quality Control
    鈥?We carry out extensive inspection of all raw materials before the production. We choose our raw material suppliers for the highest quality standards.
    鈥?We arrange a lot of product quality control and technical performance inspection during and after production.
    鈥?We go on developing the specific materials you need and optimize and improve them in the application process.Customized Fiberglass Composite Panels

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