Dark sugar is hard to guard against

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  • Dark sugar is hard to guard against

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    Dark sugar is hard to guard against

    But my aunt is afraid of divorce, mainly because of her only daughter. Hasn't my cousin found a husband yet? In case of divorce, the status of a single-parent family will certainly be very unfavorable for the daughter to find a husband's family in the future. And how ugly it is to get divorced at this age. My grandfather was the first to disagree. Gu Yang said. Fu Shiyu thought that Teng Zhongqian would probably ask Gu Yi to accept Tang Xien on the grounds of divorce. Weighing the pros and cons, Gu Yi should also be able to accept. As for when the time comes to recognize Tang Xien in what name, it is hard to say. . Fu Shiyu returned home, Tang Xien has not returned, he made a phone call, Tang Xien said just out of the law firm. He went to take a bath first, and when he came out, Tang Xien came back. As soon as he came back, he held him in his arms and apologized: "I'm sorry, baby. I had to work overtime because of a sudden situation this afternoon. Not only did I not cook for you, but I didn't go out for a walk with you." Fu Shiyu smiled and circled her: "It's all right. I have dinner at my friend's place in the evening. His manor is very big. I have enough exercise today." "Is it?" As soon as Tang Xien heard that he had a way at night, he did not feel guilty and let him go with a smile. "Then I'll take a bath first!" "Go." Fu Shiyu went to lie down on the bed, and the feeling of soreness and swelling in his back eased a little. Tang Xien didn't wash his hair today. After taking a bath,Service Sink Faucets, he came out wearing a hairband with rabbit ears and went to the laundry room with a dirty clothes basket in his hand. After a while, he went back to his room and lay down next to Fu Shiyu. Where did you go for dinner tonight? Fu Shiyu just wanted to tell her about the homestay case, so he mentioned the matter of going to Bo Xutao's winery in the evening. He did not say that the witness in the homestay case was found by Teng Zhongqian, but by the person he had sent out to look for before. After Tang Xien listens, silent a little while, say: "It is good to ask who the person that make a person is,Concealed Flush Valve, this thing is forgotten, do not pursue again." "Good." Fu Shiyu also felt that one more thing was better than one less thing, and the Law Association later withdrew the prosecution of Tang Xien, which was enough, and now to pursue this matter, there will be other incidents later. When the time comes, you can ask someone to record what she said, and then send me the recording. I'll prepare a note for her to sign, and take it back to me for filing, in case the matter is dug up again in the future. Don Sheehan said. OK . Three days later, Bo Xutao sent the recording. Fu Shiyu was working in the study at that time, stainless steel squatting pan ,Self-closing Shower Valve, and as soon as he received the recording, he immediately put it out and listened to it. The voice came from a young girl, probably because of nervousness or fear, but he recognized that the voice was one of the witnesses in last year's homestay case, Peng Yao, the receptionist at that time. Peng Yao confirmed in the recording that her first statement to the police was true. She called Tang Xien at that time, but the call was not to ask if she could check in for minors, but to inform Tang Xien that the breakfast coupons had been used up and that the advertising company had to print some more. There should be a lawyer questioning Peng Yao at the scene, so Fu Shiyu also heard the voice of another man in the recording, using a considerable part of the legal professional terms to question Peng Yao. Peng Yao said that after the homestay case, a woman in her twenties came to her and took out 500,000 yuan in cash to ask her to retract her confession. Because she owed hundreds of thousands of yuan in online loans, she could not stand the temptation and agreed. When Fu Shiyu heard this, he immediately sent the photos of Jane Ning and Jiang Yan. News soon came from there. Peng Yao said she didn't know Jiang and Jane. At the same time, she sent a portrait simulation based on Peng Yao's dictation. Fu Shiyu hurriedly sent the recording and the portrait to Tang Xien, who worked in a law firm. Tang Xien said he did not know the person in the portrait. A few days later, Fu Shiyu got a statement of the case signed by Peng Yao, as well as the information of the woman who was carrying cash to tempt Peng Yao to retract her confession. In the dimly lit study, Tang Xien nestled in the sofa, holding the information that Fu Shiyu got today. He kept silent and frowned. After a while, he shook his head: "I don't know this man." "This woman, who lives opposite the Chiang family, can be said to have grown up with Jiang Yan." Fu Shiyu gritted his teeth and said, "I called Li Tao today. Li Tao admitted that Jiang Yan had falsely accused you of instigating witnesses to commit perjury.

    ” Tang Xien was so shocked that he thought for a while and didn't figure out why Jiang Yan did these things: "What does she mean?"? She's had a thing for you since the homestay case last year? But she didn't know you then! Fu Shiyu remembered that last year, in Guantao's reception room, he heard Jiang Yan and a group of lawyers talking about Tang Xien behind his back: I went to Guantao before and met Jiang Yan several times, but she didn't show any special interest in me at that time. She should be having a hot relationship with Li Tao at that time. However "But what?" "You went to Guantao for handover on the last day. At that time, Jiang Yan and another lawyer were in the old house during the Spring Festival. She appeared as Li Tao's girlfriend. Both times, I found that she looked at me a little strange." Don Sheehan didn't come around the corner. "What do you mean?" Fu Shiyu sighed, walked over to the sofa and sat down next to her: "I talked to Li Tao today, and we agreed that she proved herself better than you by stepping on you, robbing you, and watching you fail." Tang Xien was speechless for a moment. After a while, he whispered, "Is she sick?!" "It should be." Tang Xien was in great shock. It took him a while to recover. He raised the information in his hand and asked, "Is this man willing to testify in court?"? We have to sue Jiang Yan! We can't let her go on like this! "Li Tao took her to England and heard that the baby in her belly had been disposed of and that she should not return home in the future." Tang Xien is emotional: "No!"! I want to sue her! She did that to me and the guesthouse! Why should we let her go?! Say,Prison toilet for sale, she jumps down sofa: "I want to discuss with a yuan, leisurely, if can let her go to prison!"! I must sue her! 319 Housekeeper 319。 cnkexin.com

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