Dark sugar is hard to hide

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  • Dark sugar is hard to hide

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    Dark sugar is hard to hide

    Wan Qingying has always been against Xu Zhi since she was a child. She opened her mouth to taunt: "Only you, Xu Zhi, can say such a thing against your will!" "Elder Martial Brother Ning, let me tell you that Xu Zhi and Shuang Dai were roommates. At that time, they must have been good friends who talked about everything!" The last few words are very strong. Xu Zhi got up, pounded the table, and pressed her: "If you don't understand anything, don't talk nonsense!" "If there's nothing else, I'll go first." Without waiting for three people to react, she went straight away from here. Wan Qingying was frightened and waited for someone to leave before she reacted. Wan Qingfang sighed. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw someone's figure and turned around. "Elder Martial Brother Ning!" Ning Fang also left. Wan Qingfang was not happy, because he could feel Ning Fang's depressed mood: "Why do you have to mention Ning Shuangdai in front of Elder Martial Brother Ning?" Speaking of this, she was full of anger: "What's wrong?"? I didn't see Xu Zhi's hypocritical appearance. She shouted at me just now. Why didn't you help me? Wan Qingfang rolled his eyes: "Make trouble out of nothing." Xu Zhi was angry. Walking to a tree, I remembered the behavior of the male protagonist in the TV series who would punch the trunk when he was angry. It was so handsome. Xu Zhi lowered his head and clenched his fist, looked at the back of his white and tender hand, or forget it, the pain was unnecessary. But. Xu Zhi gave a hard kick. Ah, that Wan Qingying is too nightmare for her. Don't kick around. This place has just been cleaned. When Xu Zhi saw the man coming, he immediately lowered his head and said he was sorry. When he raised his head, he saw a modest young man coming in front of him. Song Qinger looked at her and then lowered his eyes. Xu Zhi took a deep breath, emboldened, walked to his side and asked, "You, how about the exchange student thing?" Song Qinger answered with a smile,interactive flat panel display, a smile without signs of melting, giving people the feeling of a layer of iceberg, looming, and will not make people feel cold all of a sudden, will only make people afraid to approach. Brother Ning said that he had passed the first trial and asked me to prepare for the next procedure. Embarrassed, Xu Zhi said, "Ah, well, congratulations." Then I thought about it,interactive panels for education, as if I had asked him to go, and there was nothing embarrassing about it. Song Qinger's footsteps were big and Xu Zhi was tired, so when he stopped, Xu Zhi braked suddenly and almost flew out. What are you doing with me? Xu Zhi:.. Who followed you? This is the way back to the dormitory! Song Qing'er raised his eyebrows. "Yes, this is the way back to the dormitory. It's the way back to the boys' dormitory. You're going the wrong way." Xu Zhi is suffocated so that the face rises red, hapless, too hapless today: "I am sorry, I do not know the way." Song Qing'er added, "I know you're a road nerd, but you've been here for two years, and you still don't know the way." Be sure to ask to the end? Didn't you lead the way before! I'm alone, and now I'm learning to walk! Fifty-seven Tonight the night sky is very good, look up, endless, it seems that there is no feeling of bondage, very comfortable. Xu Lan took a bottle of soda to the bottom of the steps, interactive whiteboard for schools ,smart board for conference room, patted and sat down: "Here, for you." Xu Zhi curled his lips and said, "You just took a bath. Why did you accompany me to do the steps? Your pants will be dirty." Xu Lan: "Pants are dirty, there is a washing machine!" " Xu Zhi did not speak again, looking at the expression estimated in the fugue too empty, Xu Lan also knew what she was thinking, then sighed: "You say what you did in the end?" If you still like it, why do you push people away? I can see that he doesn't care about the resources of exchange students at all. Xu Zhi lowered his head and his eyes seemed to be closed, but not: "Xu Lan.". I feel bad, but it's not him. Is the person I love most in my life. Xu Lan is startled, ask: "Ah, do you step on two boats?" Xu Zhi turned his head to look at her, looking at Xu Lan's surprised eyes, inexplicably lovely, she decided not to explain what silently. Xu Lan did not give up, has been shaking Xu Zhi's arm: "You say ah!"! In the end is not, I always feel that you are not such a person! Xu Zhi is shaken dizzy and uncomfortable, suddenly stood up: "I'm sure I'm not that kind of person.". Don't think too much, go back. I have to take the exam tomorrow! This let Xu Lan have nightmares all night, cold sweat.

    A few days later, Wenxi fell ill, only Xu Lan was in the dormitory, and the others were not free because of community activities. Xu Lan accompanied Wenxi to the hospital, along the way either went the wrong way or accidentally ran the red light. Vincy asked, his throat dry. "What's the matter with you?"? Absent-minded. Xu Lan's mouth, now the black and blue are more and more obvious, Wenxi can guess a few points: "It's about Xu Zhi again, you have no one else except her, in other words, Qiu and Ming have a boyfriend!"! It's no use for you to go around Xu Zhi all day! Wenxi's boyfriend is a high school classmate, all the way up, emotional stability, originally the whole dormitory only Xu Lan a single dog, now perhaps add a Xu Zhi. Xu Lan is very tangled, tangled for a few days, these days she did not find Xu Zhi: "No, you think." Does Xu Zhi look like a person who can step on two floors? "Two floors?" "Two boats, mouth gourd ladle, oh, don't care about this!" Wenxi is not a fool, others do not know Xu Zhi, they do not know it? "If Xu Zhi had the courage, she and Song Qinger would have been together long ago, and she would have to wait until she went to college!" ———— The formalities have been completed and you have passed. Talk to the counselor about other matters tomorrow afternoon, and I won't get involved. This time, Ning Fang personally told Song Qinger about it. The same absent-minded and which one, Song Qinger this pile of information only frown. Ning Fang saw the homework scattered on his desktop, writing neatly word by word, taking complete notes, and verifying the views of the paper were deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and every sentence was summarized in place. No wonder the teachers in the school are also very reluctant to give up this talent. That's all I have to say. I'm leaving. Once you're on your way, there's no turning back. At the end of this semester, Song Qinger will really say goodbye to this place for a while. On the last day of the exam,interactive panel board, Ning Fang planned to hold a farewell party. As soon as two people left the club, they were all strong, and everyone was reluctant to part with them. hsdsmartboard.com

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