Deceased System _ 20200215155402.

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  • Deceased System _ 20200215155402.

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    Deceased System _ 20200215155402.

    Those ordinary monsters, on the other hand, kept cheering at this time. All along, Chu Tianming is a move to kill the enemy, although this eye is very handsome and powerful, but from the audience's point of view, this is quite boring, now it is not easy to see a battle of dragons and tigers, they naturally want to cheer warmly! The cheers of the audience under the stage made Chu Tianming more and more excited. Between one move and one style, he directly beat the disabled peak so that no one was a ghost, and almost no part of his body was intact. At this time, the remnant peak already had the intention to retreat, but Chu Tianming did not let him go, he wanted to retreat, Chu Tianming stopped him, and under the intensive attack, the remnant peak did not even have the ability to open his mouth and shout out defeat. The only thing that made Canshaofeng feel lucky was that the poison on his sword was ineffective for him, otherwise, he might have been reduced to ashes by now. One sword, two swords, three swords, four swords.. 378 900 swords! Chu Tianming a sword faster than a sword, just ordinary out of the sword and then out of the sword, under his control of three swords, like a harvester, constantly carrying out inhuman attacks on the remnant peak. If we continue to develop according to this momentum, I am afraid that the remnant peak will fall down in a few minutes. Just then, the sharp-eyed Chu Tianming suddenly discovered a trace of desperate color in the eyes of the remnant peak. No, this guy still has cards and can't play anymore! Chu Tianming immediately raised his hands, and in an instant, the shadow of the sword disappeared all over the sky, but the whole space was solidified. Heaven and earth,potassium sulphate fertilizer, heaven and earth, all living beings! In the sky, the three swords twined around each other and congealed into a hundred-foot high giant sword. Around the giant sword, countless shadows of the sword were flying, and the divine light illuminated the whole city of a thousand eyes. Only heaven and only me, all laws return to the original! The divine light was absorbed by the great sword in an instant, and the great sword emitted a dazzling white light. Chop ~! Chapter 539 number one! Chu Tianming waved his hands down fiercely and made a chop. The next moment, the giant sword in the sky suddenly cut down, this moment, the world seems to be still, all the monsters in the square have opened their mouths. 'Rumble.. ' Under the great sword, even the extremely hard arena was split out of the sword marks. And that remnant peak, has long been annihilated by flying ash, even a little residue is not left, straight let Chu Tianming sigh pity. This sword, Chu Tianming is absolutely extraordinary play, under a sword to play out the power, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, even those demons and immortals, can not help but be surprised. Just a half immortal, unexpectedly can use a sword of immortal power, it is really let them sigh evil monster. Under the ring, can Shaofeng's brothers, at this time the face is quite bad, other monsters are cheering, but they look at the ring on the black face of the swaggering Chu Tianming, hate straight gnash teeth. But Chu Tianming's strength is also deeply shocked to them, ask them in addition to only a few demons and immortals, the rest of the brothers simply did not have the courage to come on stage to avenge the remnant peak. Chu Tianming's sword not only killed the remnant peak, but also destroyed the confidence in their hearts. No one came to the stage for a long time to challenge, until the time reached an hour, Chu Tianming automatically won the qualification of the white winning streak, but also became the first person to get the chance to participate in the second level. As the first person to get the qualification of the second pass, even the thousand-eyed demon king on the high platform could not help looking him up and down, and the charming color in his eyes made Chu Tianming feel unbearable. Under the greeting of a castellan steward, Chu Tianming recorded his name on the player list. Chu Tianming three words, impressively patted in the entire list of the first. And the only one. This time, the faces of those demons and immortals can not hang. They didn't know there was a ranking list before, but what could they do? Blame the thousand-eyed demon king for not making it clear? They dare not speak to the thousand-eyed demon king like this even if they have the courage to do so! As a result, when Chu Tianming, at the signal of the thousand-eyed demon king, sat in the first place in several rows of seats behind her throne, the demons and immortals rushed to the ring with black faces. Chu Tianming looked at it and immediately became happy.

    "These guys seem to feel bad about being trampled on their heads by me!" Chu Tianming laughed in his heart. At this time. The thousand-eyed demon king sitting on the throne in front of him suddenly turned around and looked at him. Little guy. Are you happy? The thousand-eyed demon king smiled at Chu Tianming and said. Chu Tianming eyes a meal, then Shi Shiran said: "can be in the first place, naturally should be happy." The thousand-eyed demon king smiled, turned his head, and said nothing more. When the thousand-eyed demon king's line of sight moved away from his body, Chu Tianming breathed a sigh of relief. He was really nervous just now. I'm afraid that the thousand-eyed demon king will discover the secret that he is not a monster, and if she sees it, Chu Tianming will become the public enemy of the whole people! When the time comes. The treasures given by Uncle Rong were probably not enough for him to escape. Fortunately, the thousand-eyed demon king just looked at him and said a word. Not too much observation, otherwise, Chu Tianming is really not sure whether he will be found. In the ten arenas, because Chu Tianming won a hundred consecutive victories after revealing the rankings, all of a sudden let those fairy level contestants. All of a sudden, they rushed into the ring. Really do not see do not know, Chu Tianming has never known, this time there will be so many demons involved. Below the ten ring, at this time there are twenty demons and immortals are fighting, before this, that is, Chu Tianming said a word with the thousand-eyed demon king, there are already two defeated and returned. To the level of the demon, want to kill each other, unless the other side is not willing to escape, otherwise, the other side to go, they can not stop. In the ring, who will know that the enemy is still holding out? Since they could not beat each other, they would naturally jump out of the ring by themselves,Magnesium Oxide MgO, so the two failed demons and immortals were all right. At most, they were just slightly injured, and there was no fatal injury at all.

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