DIY Solar Panels price

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  • DIY Solar Panels price

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    DIY Solar Panels price

    DIY Solar Panels price  Our History
    NINGBO XUFENG SOLAR ENERGY CO., LTD is a new energy company engaged in solar cell module production earlier in Ningbo area. It was founded in 2003 and early produced solar panels for solar lawn lamp. From 2011 to now, it has produced tempered glass laminates between 20W and 320. It specializes in the production of small components for 15 years. The company covers an area of 10 mu, with a total area of 6500 square maters, and the company interior. There are dormitories and canteens; with advanced automatic cutting machine, welding machine, laminator; after years of production, our staff has accumulated rich production experience, mature technology, reliable quality.
    Our Factory
    The factory covers an area of ten mu, with a total area of 6500 square meters. There are dormitories and canteens inside the factory. In 2005, solar panels for producing solar lawn lamps were produced, and steel between 20W-320W was produced after 2010. The glass laminated plate has a history of 14 years specializing in the production of small and medium-sized components. The total number is 50, the number of non line workers is 15, of which 4 are R & D personnel.
    Our Product
    1.Normal module
    2.Folding module
    3.Flexible module
    4.Cooling module
    Product Application
    1.Domestic grid-tie power generation
    2. Boats
    3. Caravans
    4. Camping
    5. Remote Monitoring / Lighting
    6. Security / CCTV
    7. Electric Fence
    Our Certificate
    Production Equipment
    1. Battery chip sorter Quantity: 2 sets, target: used for testing battery chip, brand: Xi'an Jiaotong University sentient beings;
    2. Laser cutting machine Quantity: 4 sets, purpose: used for cutting battery chip, brand: Guangdong Lailian, Ningbo Yuehao;
    3. Automatic series welding machine Quantity: 3, target: 2 medium type series welding machine for welding 30W-300W components, brand: Shenzhen Guangyuan; Target: a small series welding machine for welding 2W-50W components, brand: Shenzhen bison;
    4. EL tester Quantity: 2, target: one for semi-finished product test, one for finished product test, brand: Xi'an Jiaotong University sentient beings;
    5. Automatic laminating press Quantity: 2 sets, target: used for laminating components, brand: Qinhuangdao Bo Guan;
    6. Group frame machine Quantity: 1, target: install aluminum alloy frame, brand: Jiangsu Shunyi;
    7. Component tester Quantity: 1, target: test solar panel power, brand: Xi'an Jiaotong University sentient beings;
    8.Laboratory Quantity: 1 set, target: for various performance testing of raw materials, accessories and solar module finished products;
    Production Market
    In 2017, RMB4600 million and 2018 RMB5500 10000 -6000; Multinational corporations having been established for more than 20 years; sales of large components plants ranging from 200 million to 2 billion;
    Listed companies producing solar energy applications; the quality of the medium and high grade products is located. Our factory's foreign market orders accounted for 90%, domestic government project orders accounted for about 10%, the main service for these two markets;
    Our Service
    5 years product warranty and 25years 80% of powerDIY Solar Panels price

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