Don't pick up your boyfriend in the trash.

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  • Don't pick up your boyfriend in the trash.

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    Don't pick up your boyfriend in the trash.

    "It doesn't mean much whether he agrees or not." Chi Xiaochi poured water and made tea for Erlao. "This property doesn't belong to him anymore." In the divorce agreement drawn up by Zhao Guanlan for him, he asked for the house. Zhao Guanlan assured him that many of the things in the agreement would be included in Shen Changqing's name. He had planned the use of the villa, and when he got it, he could sell it directly and pay the balance of the house in Melbourne. Mother Shen said, "Yes, don't stay here. Go home." Chi Xiaochi laughed: "I will go back when things are done, but maybe I will walk around the world to relax." Chi Koike won't talk to death. If Shen Changqing is still there, when he returns his body to him, he can choose whether to go home or travel around the world. What Chi Xiaochi can do is to set up a small nest for him to live in his dream place and give him a nest to escape from the world. People have the nature of animals, after being injured, they always need a place of their own, and only they know how to heal. Chi Xiaochi had a lot of experience in this, so he advocated for Shen Changqing. Seeing his son so optimistic, Shen's father and mother looked at each other and breathed a sigh of relief. Shen Changqing could not cook, so Chi Xiaochi did not show off his cooking skills and took Shen's father and mother to a well-regarded Chinese restaurant for dinner. After the meal, Chi Xiaochi got up and went to the front desk to check out. The boss was a middle-aged fat man with a gold chain around his neck and a long blue dragon tattooed on his arm. Although the taste is bad,inflatable amusement park, it is in line with some Westerners'perception of Chinese people. He is speaking a southern dialect: "Take back the money, free of charge." Chi Koike:.. Uh The fat man pushed the money back and said, "I've seen you in the news. You work very hard.". Keep your eyes open next time you're in love with someone. Chi Xiaochi pressed the money under the golden toad and turned to walk back. The fat man called him in the back, and Chi Xiaochi only turned around and smiled at him. Since Chi Xiaochi's attitude was firm, the tattooed fat man did not say anything about the free bill. A plate of after-dinner fruit was presented with a pale pink post-it note with hellokitty's face on it. When Ikekoike went to check out just now, he saw this kind of post-it note at the front desk. Chi Xiaochi took off the sticker and put it in his wallet. Back home, Shen's father and mother settled in the same room on the second floor,inflatable castle with slide, Chi Xiaochi went back to his room to rest. He was already feeling shallow, but in the middle of the night, a slight movement outside the door woke Chi Xiaochi up. Chi Xiaochi asked 061, "Are you a thief?" “…… No After going to investigate, he said, "It's Father Shen." Chi Xiaochi was a little surprised. He got up and walked out. He was a little surprised by the scene before him. It was already half past two in the middle of the night, and Shen's father was scrubbing the toilet with a toilet brush in the bathroom. …… Dad? Seeing the sudden appearance of his son, Shen's father was holding a plastic toilet brush, and his face was somewhat shy: "How did you wake up?"? Am I too noisy? "No." Chi Xiaochi asked, "Why don't you sleep so late?"? If you can't sleep well, you can't adjust your jet lag. It's not good for your heart. "I slept so long on the plane that I couldn't sleep after a while." Father Shen said, Inflatable meltdown ,Inflatable outdoor park, "When I got up at night, I saw that the toilet was a little dirty, so I brushed it for you." Chi Xiaochi looked at Shen Fu and slowly pulled out a smile. You go to bed. He went to get the toilet brush in Shen's father's hand. "I'll do it." "Soon, soon." Shen's father refused to give it to him. "It will be done soon.". Your wound is just right. Don't be tired. Over the next ten days, Chi Xiaochi and Shen's father and mother spent together, during which they received several media interviews, and then said to the outside world that they needed to rest for a period of time, do not disturb. Since the injury, Zhou Kai's regret has been growing day by day. Ikekoike often hears about him from hospital nurses. Zhou Kai cried, Zhou Kai made trouble, Zhou Kai pointed at the doctor's nose and scolded him, Zhou Kai begged the doctor to cure him quickly, but Zhou Kai tried to contact his former subordinates in the company but had countless closed doors. Koike expressed deep sympathy for his experience and cashed another card. Over the past ten days, his warehouse inventory has been greatly filled. Now the card in his hand has been successfully filled with a deck of playing cards, which can be used to fight the landlord.

    On the sixteenth day of admission, probably finally recognized the reality that he had become a basket case, figured out the stakes, and knew that if he did not divorce, Shen Changqing could have a hundred ways to make him unable to live. Zhou Kai relented and agreed to divorce. On the day of taking Helper home from the hospital, Chi Xiaochi finally let go of Zhou Kai's regret and succeeded in reaching the top, and got the qualification to get out of the world. Before he left, he said to his parents that he was not feeling well and wanted to rest for a while. Back in the bedroom, he lay flat on the bed and reached out to press his chest. He had nothing to say to Shen Changqing. Even if he wants to be someone else's life coach, he is more willing to use what he does than what he says. A silly child like Cheng yuan still has the need to mention a few words, and Shen Changqing's mistake is just a moment of blindness. Compared with many people who can escape but always hope that the abuser can change, Shen Changqing has done a good job. "I'm leaving," he said to Shen Changqing, who may be in his body. He said, "You have your parents. You have Helper. Don't hate too much." Three years of inhuman life is enough to drive a person crazy. One of the saddest things in the world is that a warrior who slays a dragon becomes a dragon. Chi Xiaochi pasted the sticky post-it note on Shen Changqing's forehead with his backhand and said, "If I have a chance in the future, let me hug Helper again." Then Chi Koike closed his eyes and pulled his consciousness out of the world. Half a day later. Shen Changqing, who woke up from a high fever, hugged his mother, who was nursing him and was so anxious that her lips blistered, and burst into tears. Mother Shen felt that her son, who had behaved lightly a few days ago, was a little strange, and when she saw Shen Changqing's appearance,large inflatable water slide, a big stone in her heart also fell to the ground. She stroked his back, but cried more than he was sad: "Well, well.". Just cry it out. 。

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