EU Warns These CE Certificates Are Forged! To identify the authenticity of the mask certificate, see here _ authentication

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  • EU Warns These CE Certificates Are Forged! To identify the authenticity of the mask certificate, see here _ authentication

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    EU Warns These CE Certificates Are Forged! To identify the authenticity of the mask certificate, see here _ authentication

    Original Title: EU Warns These CE Certificates Are Forged! Identify the authenticity of the mask certificate. Look here. Not long after the FDA certificate was named, the CE certificate came again! EU: These CE Certificates May Be Invalid, 21 Non-compliant Enterprises Named The latest news! ESF, the European Union's agency in charge of food and drug safety, recently issued an official warning that some "certificates" used as the basis for PPE CE marking (including FFP2/FFP3 masks and goggles) were found to be forged or unauthorized through various channels. The warning mainly indicates the following problems: First, these "certifications" have no legal value. (while these ‘certificates’ have no legal value.) Two, these "certification" can not be used as a valid certificate of product qualification. (can not be used as conclusion of conformity assessment.) Thirdly, it is not clear whether these documents were in fact issued by certain (unauthorized) organizations themselves, or whether they were entirely counterfeit. (It is not clear if these documents have actually been issued by the organisations mentioned themselves or if they are  fake) At the same time, the European Security Association ESF (European Safety Federation) pointed out in its announcement that any product imported from outside the EU must provide and check the declaration of conformity (Declaration of Conformity, DoC). In addition, ESF named 21 non-compliant companies, including 9 from Europe and 10 from China. The 10 Chinese certification bodies include CIC (Shenzhen CIC Testing Technology), Huaxun (Shenzhen HX Detect Certification), ENC (East Notice Certification Service) 、HTT (Shenzhen HTT Technology) 、ITC (Shenzhen ITC Product Testing) 、 BTK (Guangzhou Bestek Testing Services)、Micez (Shanghai MICEZ Testing & Technical)、 Huawin (Shenzhen Huawin Testing Certification)、LTT (Shengzhen LTT Testing Technology) 、 AST.LAB (Aerospace Testing Technology (Shenzhen)。 Guidelines for Distinguishing the Authenticity of Mask Certification Certificates How to distinguish the true from the false before customs declaration when there is a constant storm of fake mask certification? The access conditions of the following countries and the authentication inquiry channels are worth collecting! I. European Union Recently, the European Union announced a series of institutions authorized by the European Union for unified supervision and certification qualifications, namely NB institutions, and granted each institution a unique four-digit code, namely the announcement number. The application and issuance of CE certificates are issued by the announcement number institutions authorized by the corresponding regulations and directives.
    Website: Expand the full text Click the position of the corresponding code corresponding to the obtained NB authorization number. After entering, you can query the authorized instructions of the institution. Certificates issued for instructions within the scope of authorization are valid. The current EU directives related to masks are: Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC (MMD),Virus Prevention Mask 3 Ply with Earloop, New Regulation on Medical Devices (EU) 2017/745 (MDR), and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Regulation (EU) 2016/425. Two, China Medical masks belong to the second class of medical devices in China, which are registered and managed by the provincial drug regulatory authorities, and can be inquired through the medical device access number. Website: (National Medical Products Administration) Query steps: 1. Select "Data Query" under the column of "Open Government Affairs"; 2. Select as required in the column of "Medical Devices" after entering. After entering the page below, enter the commodity information indicated on the smallest independent package of the commodity according to the situation marked above, and then you can inquire. Three,Medical Disposable Coverall, the United States Medical masks belong to medical devices in the United States and are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Recently, the FDA personally refuted the rumor and stated on its official website that it would not issue certification certificates to any enterprises. At present, the mask products that have been admitted by the US FDA can be inquired through its official website by checking the registration certificate number. Website: In addition, according to the latest FDA policy, Chinese standard masks are currently recognized when certain conditions are met. Enquiry Website for Authorized Enterprises: IV. South Korea Surgical mask belongs to Class II medical equipment products in Korea. MFDS (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of Korea) carries out pre-market approval for Class II devices. Korea stipulates that importers of such commodities should ensure that imported products meet the requirements of the quality management system and obtain the permission of the MFDS authorized agency. MFDS only issues certificates to domestic companies, and Korean representatives have more responsibilities, so there is no need to worry too much about the authenticity of certificates. V. Australia Mask products in Australia need to be registered with the TGA of the Australian Government. Australia's classification of medical devices is almost the same as that of the European Union. If the CE certificate issued by the Notified Body of the European Union has been obtained, it can be recognized by TGA and can be used as an important registration data to meet Australian safety regulations. Upon approval by the TGA, an ATRG registration number will be generated for. Website: Search method: Click "Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG)" in the red box to start the search Control upgrade! Customs in many places seized a large number of unqualified epidemic prevention products It is reported that from April 1 to April 12, the port intercepted more than 330 million medical materials produced by non-listed enterprises or without registration certificates for medical equipment products, including 31.65 million masks, 509000 sets of protective suit, 1.189 million new crown virus testing reagent, 677 ventilators and 46000 infrared thermometers. Ningbo Customs Seizes 490, Antivirus Disposable Mask with CE Certificate ,KN95 Mask with Fast Shipping,000 Unqualified Export Masks On April 14, Meishan Customs, affiliated to Ningbo Customs, inspected a batch of surgical mask declared by an enterprise for export to Chile.
    During the inspection, on-site customs officers found that the masks had problems such as no brand logo, no factory name, no product quality certificate and so on. After counting, a total of 490000. Hangzhou Customs seized 1.478 million fake medical masks for export On April 11, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport Customs, affiliated to Hangzhou Customs, inspected the epidemic prevention materials declared for export by two tickets at the freight site, and found that 1.478 million masks were declared as "non-medical LM brand disposable masks without model", and the actual goods were "LM brand medical disposable masks", which were inconsistent with the declaration, and there were cases of false declaration and evasion of commodity inspection. Suspected of false export declaration, Zhongshan Port Customs seized 100,000 problematic masks On April 10, Zhongshan Port Customs, affiliated to Gongbei Customs, seized 100,000 problematic masks suspected of false export declaration at Zhongshan Port Shipping Terminal. An enterprise in Zhongshan declared the export of "industrial activated carbon four-layer masks", after inspection, this batch of masks totaled 100000, the value of about 78000 yuan, the packaging was printed with the English words "non-woven surgical disposable mask" (non-woven surgical disposable mask), no production date, manufacturers and other information. The declaring enterprise has not been registered by the relevant departments and has no medical device registration certificate. 1.4 Million Non-brand Masks Seized at Shenzhen Port, Suspected of False Declaration for Exit Recently, Shenzhen Bay Customs, affiliated to Shenzhen Customs, seized a batch of epidemic prevention medical materials suspected of false declaration in the freight export channel, including 1.4087 million disposable masks. A company in Shenzhen declared to the customs the export of a batch of goods such as "cleaning liquid, watercolor strips". After customs inspection, there was no goods in the container that met the declaration. The actual goods were masks and other epidemic prevention materials. The packaging of these goods was simple and there was no brand. The shipment included 1,408,700 disposable masks, 500 isolation gowns and 500 disposable surgical gowns. Nearly 360,000 pieces of medical supplies for export were seized by Guangzhou Customs. On April 8, the South China Sea Office of Foshan Customs under Guangzhou Customs seized nearly 360,000 pieces of medical supplies exported under the name of "non-medical masks" at the South Port of Pingzhou, Foshan. The goods were non-medical masks declared for export by a company in the form of general trade. After customs inspection, it was found that there were not only declared non-medical masks in the container, but also a batch of medical masks, forehead temperature guns and protective masks that were not declared truthfully. There were false declarations and withhold of information in an attempt to evade customs supervision. The shipment included 335,000 medical masks,Medical Full Body Coverall, 4,000 forehead temperature guns and 20,000 protective masks. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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