Fancy Counterattack Male God Scheme of Quick Wear

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  • Fancy Counterattack Male God Scheme of Quick Wear

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    Fancy Counterattack Male God Scheme of Quick Wear

    The three of them quickly cleaned up the zombies here and began to collect the needed items. First, the food area was swept, and the food and water that were easier to store were packed one by one. Then I went to the department store and found some weapons: two watermelon knives, a bunch of small daggers and so on. Mu Yifeng's power system power at this time is the first to play a role. One person can carry tons of things without effort, so it's no problem to carry as much as possible. Then they went upstairs to the clothing area, and they began to choose the right clothes for themselves. Mu Yifeng looked at the layout here, Lu Chuyun has been closely behind her, repelling those scattered zombies. Xu Ruyi took down the clothes on display and gestured one by one in front of the floor mirror. Take everything you like into the fitting room. Of course, she didn't come in to try on something beautiful, just to put things into the space. She could not let Mu Yifeng see herself disappear out of thin air for the time being. She won't tell anyone about the space unless she trusts it 100%. Because she is well aware of a truth: a man is innocent, but he is guilty. Not to mention how terrible zombies are (they will continue to grow and evolve in the later period), there will also be a number of powers emerging in the human race. However, having powers and space are two different concepts. The power is someone else's own, kill him and you can't take it away. Space is different, some may be treasures, as long as possible, those greedy people will come to rob, for her to bring the disaster of killing. Xu Ruyi entered the space. There are about 300 square meters here,teardrop pallet racking, which is big enough. But crops are also planted, so these items must be neatly arranged to hold more. Along with the box, he put most of his clothes in it. There are also some women's products, which are also put in together, leaving only part of them outside. When it was chosen, Mu Yifeng was already waiting there. He reached out and handed her a box of beautiful jewelry. The honey-colored skin on Mu Feng's face was suspiciously flushed,asrs warehouse, and his face seemed to be looking away. He coughs lightly: "These are very beautiful, the girl seems to like …" Xu Ruyi, would you like to pick two? The first thing he saw was a ten-carat diamond ring inside. Although these are no longer valuable, but the ring is always a symbol of love, this fantasy romantic, do not forget the pursuit of happiness of the girl, must like it? However He definitely didn't mean to please her! Xu Ruyi took a look. Full of a box of jewelry, complex technology, superior materials, diamonds shining with brilliant light, one by one extraordinary cost. She just picked out a crystal hairpin and put it on her head. "That's it." Mu Feng Leng Leng, thought she would take a fancy to that ring. (To be continued.) Chapter 230 Jiao Qiao Xue Mei vs the end of the world strong! After all, everything else was put up casually, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,industrial racking systems, and what he really wanted to give her was the ring that represented the promise. She didn't take it. That I'll keep the rest. It doesn't take up space anyway. "Good." She nodded. The guy's clothes. I picked them out for him and I brought them with me. Let's go. Mu Yifeng curled his mouth and pointed to Lu Chuyun over there. Out of the mall, there is a post office not far away. Where do you live? Mu Yifeng asked, and added, "My grandfather is a cadre of the military region, under the command of a number of troops, should be able to come in handy.". I tried to inform them to protect your family first. Thank you! Xu Ruyi told him the address. I didn't think this boy was very sweet. It should be. Mu Yifeng is not as publicized as before. He found a military transmitter, these devices are very solid, the power supply is separate, under normal circumstances will not break down. The telegram has been sent, and I don't know if it can be received over there. But you can rest assured that I believe your family will be safe! Thank you. It will be dark soon. We must find a place to stay for a while. Xu Ruyi said. It should be the meteorite's landing that has changed the climate. Before that, the sun was scorching, and the heat made her feel uncomfortable. At this time, the sky began to drizzle sporadically, and the temperature seemed to drop by more than ten degrees, which was bitterly cold. Her body was already delicate, and girls were generally afraid of the cold, which was too cold to bear at this time. Uh. I know a hotel over there. In a seven-star hotel. The lights are bright here because of the good backup power supply. Inside the hall, there are several zombies wandering.

    They are ordinary people who have just become zombies, and their fighting capacity is weak. The three men quickly cleaned them up. Find out the room card, Xu Ruyi handed one to Mu Yifeng. She took Lu Chuyun's hand, pointed to the other side, and said to Mu Yifeng, "You live opposite, and I live with him." Mu Yifeng Leng for a long time, he half opened his mouth, feeling the heart of that uncomfortable more and more Sheng. He looked at the two men in front of him. Lu Chuyun is three years older than him and looks more adult. Although she was dressed up strange, but that from childhood, such as the prince's noble temperament, how also let him can not be associated with the half-zombie this kind of creature. The two of them live together, but they feel that they are a pair of adolescent boys and girls living in the same room. Mu Yifeng tastes good. Stop the two men who have gone to the safe passage. He said, "Hey, Xu Ruyi!"! You live across the hall, and I'll share a room with him. "No." Xu Ruyi firmly denied it. Then I want to live with you, too! He's a man. How can he live alone with you? "There is no room for so many people." "Then why can he stay?!" Xu Ruyi is helpless, "all right.". But you can't take the opportunity to put your hands on me. Mu Feng forehead black line: "Nima, this is what I should say!" " "That's right." Xu Ruyi chewed his head and then laughed. If Mu Yifeng wanted to touch her, she would have succeeded long ago, after all, she had been delivering her to the door. The three men went to the room. This is a deluxe presidential suite with two rooms and one bathroom. Mu Yifeng locked all the important items in the safe of the cabinet beside the door, and when he put them in,push back racking system, he squeezed the box of jewelry in, and then scrambled the password. (To be continued.) Chapter 231 Jiao Qiao Xue Mei vs the end of the world strong! Taking out a change of clothes, he checked and found that there was still hot water.

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