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    Fast Charger manufacturers

    Product Description:
    Model: S9-GA65
    Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
    Output: DC5V, 3A/9V, 3A/12V, 3A/15V, 3A/20V, 3.25A (PD3.0) or DC5-21V, 3A (PPS)
    Total: 65W GAN
    USB: Type C*1
    Protection: overvoltage protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection
    Shell: Black, White
    Certification: ETL/FCC/CE/DOE/ERP/PSE
    Product size: 53*53*29.5mm 105g
    Product Advantages:
    1. All-round fast heat dissipation, long-term charging with 65 W USB-C Wall Charger will not get hot, the motherboard three-dimensional stacking design + high-quality high heat-resistant PC material, quickly conduct internal heat, the charging temperature is stable and not hot.
    2. Multiple security protections, active filtering of charging hazards, and dynamic monitoring of intelligent MCU chips to ensure user safety at any time.
    3. A 65 W USB-C Wall Charger can charge more, multi-protocol compatibility is widely applicable, compatible with PD3.0, QC3.0 and other fast charging protocols, Android phones can also be quickly charged, matching more 5V electronic devices, more applicability widely.
    About Us:
    Lanxinke Trading Co., Ltd. is a dynamic, innovative and active company, focusing on wiring harnesses, chargers, adapters and other fields. As an innovation-oriented enterprise, Lanxinke has always maintained its original intention and moved forward with innovation! Quality and distinctive digital accessories products, and strive to use a new technology model to facilitate people's work and life. Let people have
    Convenient and enjoyable mobile digital experience. In order to continue to develop more high-quality and affordable digital accessories products, the company has invested a lot of money in product research and development and technological upgrading, improving the existing production management and supply chain system, and laying out the global emerging consumer markets and key marketing areas in Europe and the United States. Global distributors provide richer and more reliable high-quality 3C digital products, allowing global consumers to enjoy a more secure and happier digital life!Fast Charger manufacturers

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