Featuring Throne and Liberty Demo

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  • Featuring Throne and Liberty Demo

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    Featuring Throne and Liberty Demo

    NCsoft's return to Throne and Liberty Lucent G-Star 2023 promises to be a captivating experience for both attendees and onlookers. With a diverse lineup of games, opportunities for direct communication, and engaging events, NCsoft ensures their presence will be one to remember.

    NCsoft Unveils Lineup and Events for G-Star 2023, Featuring Throne and Liberty Demo

    NCsoft, a leading South Korean video game developer, has unveiled its plans for the upcoming G-Star 2023, marking their first time participating in eight years. Their participation promises a plethora of exciting activities and demonstrations, showcasing their diverse portfolio of games.

    Building the Hype: A Diverse Lineup and Interactive Experience

    To captivate audiences at the biggest game festival in Korea, NCsoft has lined up an impressive lineup of seven games, catering to various genres and platforms. This includes:

        LLL: A shooting game (PC)
        Battle Crush: A combat action game (Nintendo Switch)
        Throne and Liberty (TL): An MMORPG (PC and consoles to be announced)
        Project G: An MMORTS game (PC)
        Project M: An interactive adventure game (PC)
        Project BSS: A collective RPG (PC)
        Puzzup Amitoi: A puzzle game (PC and consoles to be announced)

    Beyond showcasing these titles, NCsoft aims to foster a vibrant and interactive experience at the event. This includes:

        Trailer releases: New trailers for upcoming projects like Project G and Project M will be unveiled, generating excitement for buying TL Lucent future releases.
        Developer Q&A: Developers will be present to share insights into their respective games, answer questions, and discuss their development progress.
        Throne and Liberty demo: Players will have the opportunity to experience the latest version of Throne and Liberty through a hands-on demo, featuring improvements based on user feedback, including changes to the combat system.

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