Fire and Ice Chef

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  • Fire and Ice Chef

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    Fire and Ice Chef

    Bing Ling took Lan Chen's hand and Nian Bing's hand and sighed, "Of course, you are lucky to marry Chen Chen.". How wonderful she is! How could I say no? Chenchen, you don't have to worry. Even if you become the master of the Ice God Tower, you can also get married. The rules of the Ice God Tower must be changed. Otherwise, I don't know how many tragedies will happen in the future. I don't want what happened to me and Rongtian to happen again. Blue morning Qiao face already blush, she can not read ice so thick skin, but heard the recognition of the ice spirit, can not help but raise his head, eyes flashing tears. After all, with the approval of Nian Bing's parents, she is really Nian Bing's wife! Thinking of this, she whispered almost subconsciously, "Thank you, Mom." Hearing this, Bingling felt warm in her heart. "Good boy, tell your mother when you got married." "Mom," said Nian Bing, "we're not officially married yet,warehousing storage solutions, but Chenchen will definitely be my wife. In fact, it's no use to have those wedding ceremonies, as long as we recognize them and you recognize them, isn't it all right? Bing Ling said angrily, "What you think is so beautiful. You want to cheat the girl so much!"! I know Chenchen's family background. Her parents are also respectable people. How can we wronged others? When things are over here, sometime, your father and I will go to the Oran Empire to propose marriage in person. It must be done in style. She has only one daughter,industrial racking systems, and we have only one son. Although she has been with her beloved husband all these years, years of loneliness have made Bingling very eager to be lively, not to mention that it will be her son's wedding! Nian Bing muttered in a low voice, "You will be tired if you go to propose marriage in person. You have to propose marriage three times altogether." Bing Ling's hearing is very good. "What did you say?"? What three times? Nian Bing stuck out his tongue, but he didn't dare to hide it in front of his parents. He quickly told the story between himself and the three women. When Bing Ling and Rong Tian heard Nian Bing say that he already had three wives, and they were all so good, they couldn't help but be stunned. It took them a long time to recover. Rong Tian exclaimed, "Well, he's really my good son. He's really capable!"! Marry three at once. It seems that our family has a successor. Chapter two hundred and ten the secret of the ice goddess sacrifice. Bing Ling gave him a white look and said, "What's the matter?"? Do you envy your son? Do you want to try three, too? As soon as Rong Tian's face changed, he said with an awe-inspiring sense of justice, "I have only seen Shang Bingling all my life. Even if she is a beautiful girl, wire mesh decking ,mobile racking systems, she can't compare with my wife." The seriousness of his face was obviously feigned. But the ice spirit seems to eat this set, the dissatisfaction on his face suddenly disappeared, gentle smile to him, melt the day also back to a smile, all in silence. Seeing the love of parents, Nian Bing's heart is warmer, "Mom, this marriage is not urgent, you first tell me what happened to the ice and snow goddess sacrifice today!"! Why does she look so strange? Isn't she your master? How did you become your senior sister again. Did I mishear? But I seem to have heard you call her Elder Martial Sister several times. Bing Ling sighed and said, "You heard right. She is my Elder Martial Sister.". Didn't you ask if there was Bingjie in the Ice God Tower? There is indeed one in the pagoda, and the ice method is my elder martial sister! She told you that she was dead, meaning that the former Bingjie was dead, and now Bingjie has gained a new life. Nian Bing's whole body shook and suddenly froze, his mouth wide open and unable to speak. No, the goddess of ice and snow sacrifice is the lover of his master, the ghost chef, Cha Ji. This, this is too ridiculous. However, as soon as he remembered that at the last moment of his decisive battle with the Ice and Snow Goddess Sacrifice, the Ice and Snow Goddess Sacrifice suddenly turned into a magician of the same origin of ice and fire, he immediately believed it. Bing Ling continued, "Yes, she is my Elder Martial Sister.". In fact, in your impression, the goddess of ice and snow sacrifice has already died, that is my master! More than ten years ago, when Shifu brought me back to the Ice God Tower. Because the mood is affected, the practice is too radical, leading to the devil.

    At that time, I really some regret, all because of my reasons, the master will become like that. In the Ice God Tower, there are two direct disciples of Shifu, one is me, and the other is my Elder Martial Sister Bingjie. That is, the ice goddess sacrifice you see. After the master was possessed by the devil, she forcibly suppressed her injuries. She did not blame me too much, and was even willing to pass on the position of the Lord of the Ice God Tower to me. It was decided to hold a ceremony and grant me the position of the Lord of the Tower in front of all the disciples of the Tower. But on that day, you and your father came, see you, where I still have the mood to be the tower owner of the Ice God Tower! Lest you should be hurt. Later, I gave you the stone of the goddess of ice and snow. After you left,push back racking system, your father and I were sealed by the disheartened master. At that time, the master was about to be unable to suppress the energy after being possessed by the devil. Ice God Tower is the crystallization of her life, and she must find someone to inherit it. And this person is my senior sister. 。

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